Vintage Red Fire Opal Ring 925 Blessed Love Sexual Energy Trust Loyalty Relationship Harmony Happiness

Article last modified on 21 Jun 2017

ebay14 1422This beautiful vintage style ring comes from the estate of Mallory, my coven sister referred to as the “witch of love”.  This ring belonged to Mallory’s Aunt Zoe.ebay14 1423 The ring has been a wonderful amulet for many of us within the coven.  Mallory recently got a strong feeling that there is someone else out there in need of the rings powers so we’ve decided to list it to see if that person might be out there looking on this site for something of it’s ebay14 1424nature. Firstly, the ring is made up of a genuine red fire opal and is set in solid sterling silver 925, size 8.  Best of all, it holds some wonderful blessings for the new owner. The blessings are for: STRONG LOVE LIFE, INTENSE SEXUAL ENERGY WITH PARTNER, UNBREAKABLE BOND, FIDELITY, TRUST, LOYALTY, GIFT OF SHARING LIFE WITH SOUL MATE, RELATIONSHIP HARMONY, AND EXTREME HAPPINESS / EUPHORIA. SALE Price: $38.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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