Vintage Amethyst Ruby Ring White Witch Estate Blessed Brings Spiritual Powers to Wearer

Article last modified on 21 Jun 2017

ebay14 1434This ring is a special piece that I just acquired a few weeks ago on a trip to Louisiana. The estate sale was for a dear friend of one of our Senior Advisers ofebay14 1435 our coven, Sister Triniti.  She is selling off many of her treasures as she just celebrated her 80th birthday and wants to depart with a few things.  Sister Triniti is a lady of the craft and has been since she discovered her gift at the age of 10.  She has only ever practiced white magick and she is very very good at it.  This ring is one of her treasured pieces. I have had the privilege of using it for myself the past 6 weeks and it’s a wondrous piece so very full of great powers and energy. The ring itself is a magnificent design of a center purple piece ebay14 1436believed to be an Amethyst (could also be Czech glass…Sister Triniti couldn’t recall for certain).  The surrounding stones are natural rubies. The design is ornate and very exotic.  Size is a 7.75 – 8. There is natural patina that has formed but the ring may be cleaned if desired with water and toothpaste.  It does have a 925 stamp inside the shank indicating sterling silver but there are also brass touches, too. As for the blessings, it’s got some wonderful ones.  Theebay14 1437 main use for this ring is to help the wearer attain the very highest state of spiritual power that he/she possesses naturally.  We all have some degree of the “gift”….it’s just a matter of learning to bring it out. This ring will assist the wearer in the opening of 3rd eye, channeling of angels capabilities, and even receiving visions.  Do not be surprised it the ring brings a euphoric feeling, cool or warm sensation or even a dizziness.  It’s a very strong piece and will only bring goodness to the wearer.  Price: $95.99 (free gift, free shipping)

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