Snowflake Obsidian Pendant 925 Blessed Emotional Grounding Strength Courage Success Good Change Ahead

Article last modified on 21 Jun 2017

ebay14 1426Here is a lovely pendant called Snowflake Obsidian Jasper, nicknamed Apacheebay14 1425 Tears gemstone. The gem is genuine and natural and over 23 carats in total weight. The setting is solid sterling silver 925 and it measures 1.5″ in length. The lone star coven sisters have recently spiritually cleansed this with white sage and then, blessed it under the full moon. The blessings the pendant bestows for the new owner / wearer are for: EMOTIONAL GROUNDING, STRENGTH, COURAGE, OVERCOME OBSTACLES WITH TENACITY AND SUCCESS, PHYSICAL WELL BEING, HEALING, AND GOOD CHANGES AHEAD. Price: $28.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

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