SOLD! Salem Witch Estate Antique Chaplet Blessed Protection Healing Energy Improve Health

Article last modified on 26 Jun 2017

Here is an antique family treasure that I inherited many years ago, along with many others from my Great Aunt Mary. It is an antique St. Anthony Chaplet with a ebay14 1445beautiful crucifix. This piece is in excellent condition. The “beads”ebay14 1448 are two sided with a Cross on one side and a Biblical picture on the other. There is a bit of tarnish which I treasure on my vintage and antique pieces.  If you want to cleanse, it is ok, spiritually speaking. The rosary chaplet is one from the large collection my Great Aunt Mary had. It is one of my favorites from her collection and it’s so much prettier than the photos.  The rosary chaplet is of a very high quality.   It gives off a powerful ENERGY, and would be a wonderful addition to any persons rosary collection. The great presence of this piece will DELIGHT the new owner…  This piece holds a lot of energy…you can feel it when you hold the rosary.  I’m sure my Great Aunt used this as a “sick-call” healing piece.  The winner will be getting a wonderful & blessed piece, here.  My Great Aunt Mary was a TRUE SALEM CRAFT PRACTITIONER.  She collected many ebay14 1449things and rosaries were among them.  It is a FABULOUS piece…HIGHLY ENERGIZED as you can feel the power when you holdsold it in your hand! My Great Aunt, Mary Barrett O’Day survived the hangings of Salem and the hangings that occurred in many parts of the world, as she was raised after the highest witch-hunting years, but she absolutely knew people who had ancestors persecuted.  She was known throughout the community as a holistic healer and she did have a halfway house for other ladies of the craft, trying to escape their fates.  She was very careful who she trusted & gave her spiritual gifts to.  Her lovely cottage is still in our family and has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, as it has been completely remodeled (all except one bedroom that was hers). This beautiful rosary chaplet was a part of my Aunt Mary’s beautiful enchanted collection.  For even though she practised the craft, she strongly believed in religion……several types, in fact.  Her Father’s side was Catholic and hence, her love of rosaries.  Of course, the greatest value is her magnificent spirit still attached.  You will feel her energy and protection the moment you hold this or wear it.  You will receive a PHOTO of my GREAT AUNT MARY with this item.  I hope the winner will treasure it as she did and know they now own a TRUE SALEM CRAFT PRACTITIONERS TREASURE!Price: $39.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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