SOLD! Rainbow Moonstone Pendant 925 Blessed New Beginnings Transformation Good Changes Healing Universal Powers

Article last modified on 20 Jun 2017

ebay13-3464What a glowing & energized pendant this is!  It is made of a Genuine & Natural 27ebay13-3465 Carat Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Gemstone, set in solid sterling silver 925.  The pendant measures 1.5″ and is very ornate and well made with a Rubylite stone accent.  In addition, this beauty is  blessed by the coven sisters & I with some amazing blessings, and was recently given a strong charge at our last full moon ceremony. The ebay13-3466blessings this gorgeous piece hold are for:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORMGOOD CHANGES COMINGsold TO WEARER, SELF HEALING ENERGIES, EMOTIONAL STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, TRANQUILITY, RELIEF FROM ANXIETY, HIGH LEVEL OF MEDITATION ABILITY, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTION.  What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! Price: $33.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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