SOLD! Powerful Red Stone Warlock Ring Blessed for Channeling to Crossed Spirits Open 3rd Eye Receive Visions

Article last modified on 05 Dec 2017

ebay14 545Here is a very special piece that The Lone Star Coven is happy to offer. The ring is not an antique but it is near vintage status and has been “touched” by at last male craft practitioners (Warlocks) as well as having been used by our High Priestess, Sister Mia. We know the ring goes back to 1994 as that is when a mentor of Sister Mia’s husband attained it. Brother Allan was the first owner ofebay14 546 the ring that we are aware of.  He has crossed over but is believed to still have energy within the ring as Sister Mia has made connection with him through it. After this, it was used by Sister Mia’s husband and also by Sister Mia.  The ring is a very powerful amulet for helping people get in touch with spirits (angels) who’ve crossed to the other side.  It is also great for opening the 3rd eye and it’s blessed to help the wearer receive visions of of past, current, and even future happenings in life.  The ring is a size ebay14 5489.5 and is made of 925 sterling silver.  There is some fancy scrolling on the sides and a facet cut red stone that is likely Czech glass or simulated Garnet.  I don’t believe the Garnet to be real just because there are absolutely no inclusions.  It is soldin great condition and is a heavy piece.  The ring will likely bring an immediate dizziness (or even a warm / cool sensation) to the sensitive.  Not to worry, however, as this is normal with strong amulets.  It will subside with wear.  I know the recipient of this great ring is going to benefit from it greatly.  Price:  $55.99  $76.99 (free gift, free shipping)

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