Peruvian Opal Heart Pendant 925 Blessed Open 3rd Eye Connect With Angels Spiritual Guidance Divine Love

Article last modified on 07 Sep 2017

z peruvian blue opal heartThis beautiful pendant is so exquisite and so one of a kind.  It is made of a Peruvian Opal cut in the shape of a heart.  The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it measures 1.2″ X 1″. The pattern and colors of the gem are so Earthy.  The pendant has recently been blessed during the recent full moon. It was spiritually cleansed with white sage before the blessing and it’s now ready forebay14 1947 it’s new owner. The pendant is blessed with the following blessings: OPENING OF 3RD EYE, PSYCHIC POWERS, VISIONS OF FUTURE, PAST LIFE RECALL, ABILITY TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS, PROTECTION OF ANGELS, DIVINE LOVE, INCREASED SENSITIVITY TO THE PARANORMAL, INCREASED ABILITY TO HEAL OTHERS & SELF, SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE, & UNIVERSAL POWERS. The ring itself is a size 7, blue fire & white opal, set in Solid Sterling Silver 925.  It’s a beautiful touched piece, ready to help another with it’s strong gifts.  All of Sister Saras things also inhabit her wonderful spirit, which is kind and calming.  This is a ring meant for a Goddess! Price: $44.99 (free gift, free shipping)

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