Natural Ruby Ring 925 Blessed Good Changes Coming Wealth Manifestation Love Passion

Article last modified on 07 Sep 2017

z ruby ringI have a ring here that has recently been a well used amulet to The Lone Star Coven…for, we have used it as a ritual tool for ourselves, & our patrons, with great success.  It is made up of a natural & genuineebay14 1981 RUBY gemstone, facet cut, set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925, size 6. There are many special spiritual gifts within this piece…they are :  GOOD CHANGES COMING TO WEARER, WEALTH MANIFESTATION, ATTRACTING GOOD VIBRATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, GOOD HEALTH, FOREVER HAPPINESS, PROTECTION BY GUARDIAN SPIRITS, STRONG ADVENTURE & OPPORTUNITIES IN LIFE, BLESSINGS OF THE ebay14 1980FAMILY, RELATIONSHIP COHESION, ABUNDANCE OF FRIENDS & LOVE, INNER PEACE & TRANQUIL STATE OF MIND, ELEVATED ENERGY LEVEL, LIKABLE PERSONALITY, & MORE LOVEebay14 1982 & PASSION IN LIFE . We already have testimonies of many clients who have benefited from this jewel’s awesome energies, which are all cohesive to the RUBY gemstones natural attributes..  It would be an excellent casting tool for anybody practicing the craft, or just a spiritual jewelry collector that is in need of it’s powers.  It is truly a beautiful piece and should go to someone very deserving : )  If you feel the energy from these photos, then maybe it is meant to be your treasure now! Price: $39.99 (free shipping)

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