SOLD! Kyanite Ring 925 9 Blessed Self Confidence Success Wealth Health Adventure

Article last modified on 07 Jan 2018

z kyanite ringSuch a beautiful stone, Kyanite…. It’s seldom seen, too…really unique & lovely.ebay14 1853  This piece is in a wonderful setting in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925.  Kyanite is a glowing gem with great energy about it…almost electric!  The size of this ring is a 9. The coven sisters & I have placed multiple blessings upon the ring in a full moon ceremony where it also got a great charge.  The blessings within this piece are for:  SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM, EMOTIONAL STRENGTH / ebay14 1855STABILITY, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, WEALTH, GOOD HEALTH, STRONG LOVE FROM MATE, CAREFREE ATTITUDE, ABILITY TO LOVE & BE LOVED, HARMONIOUS PERSONALITY, FUN SURPRISES IN FUTURE, MORE ADVENTURE, & LONG LIFE. This ring would make anyone a wonderful gift, as well….  PRICE: $35.99 (free gift, free usa shipping)

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