REDUCED! Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz Pendant 925 Blessed Physical Energy & Wellness Happiness Self Love

Article last modified on 23 Sep 2017

z golden hair qtz pendantThis pendant is so beautiful….I just love the stone. It is called Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz and this stone is over 19  carats, genuine and natural.  The nameebay14 1238 comes from the gold strands running through the gemstone. The pendant setting is high quality solid sterling silver 925, hallmarked, measuring just over 1.4″.  The pendant has been used within our coven for about 3 months now and is a great amulet for blessings to its wearer.  The pendant has recently been cleansed spiritually with white sage and re-charged under the near full moon. The blessings the piece holds for the new wearer are for: NEW FOUND STRENGTH, PHYSICAL ENERGY, COURAGE, ABILITY TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES, WELLNESS, HAPPINESS, AND GREATER SELF LOVE / CONFIDENCE. REDUCED Price: $34.99 $26.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

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