Gold Topaz Ring 925 Blessed Open 3rd Eye Hands on Healing Universe Guidance Visions

Article last modified on 23 Sep 2017

z gold topaz ringThis magickal ring has a great classic style and the facet cut stone has great colorz gold top ring and clarity! This is a gold topaz gemstone of over 5 carats set in solid sterling 925 silver.  It is a size 9. This amulet has been a favorite “go to” piece by our High Priestess, Sister Mia, as well as Sister Lilith. It really has a strong energy that may be felt immediately upon wear. The Lone Star Coven has recently spiritually cleansed this piece with white sage and then, blessed it under the most recent full moon. The blessings it holds are for:  SPIRITUAL ASCENSION, OPENING OF 3RD EYE, PSYCHIC ebay14 2047ENHANCEMENT AND GROWTH, ABILITY TO LEARN HANDS ON HEALING, SOLITARY PRACTICE GUIDANCE FROM UNIVERSE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, UNIVERSAL POWERS, PROTECTION, AND ABILITY TO RECEIVE VISIONS OF HELP WHEN NEEDED. This would be a wonderful piece for anyone on their personal spiritual journey. Price: $37.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

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