Article last modified on 16 Oct 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

 I am an American woman who has had the good fortune of being exposed to many types of religions and spiritual backgrounds throughout my life. On one side of my family, I was born into a lineage of the “craft” (not exactly witchcraft, as that has a dark connotation). Everything I’ve ever practiced has been white and “of the light”. In fact, let me just say that on the other side of my family, I was raised a Christian…. and, I do believe in God. Some of my beliefs may conflict with the strict beliefs of the organized traditional/orthodox church, but I still believe in the general theology, and I think everyone should have their own religion to believe in. Whether you call it a “Higher Power” or call God by another name, I honestly believe that s/he does not discriminate, and welcomes your worship. There is a Sufi phrase that sums it up thusly: The ocean refuses no river. Now, having that controversial topic out of the way, let me elaborate more about my practice. My spiritual journey spreads over many years. When I was a small child, I thought that every family had women who dressed eccentrically, danced, lit candles, brewed their herbal blends, bathed in moonlight, and chanted at altars!

In my twenties, I had the opportunity to travel and live abroad for several years. It was in these travels that I met many of my mentors and friends. I consider myself very blessed to have been able to have studied under some of the brightest and most gifted women ever.  I have visited temples, mosques, and several different cultural (some even tribal) denominations of religions. As I said, all that I know now is from a long and wonderful spiritual journey in life. As I’ve matured, I realize that it is a special gift to be able to bless items and help others with this gift. Since I’ve been offering these things for sale on eBay under the username bewitched_baubles, I have further understood the large demand for these blessed and enchanted items. To be of a positive influence in someone else’s life is a wonderful feeling and it really keeps me inspired. So, in order to have a direct connection between myself and my eBay and web friends, I manifested this site as a place for contact and for special orders. Although I have been a solitary practitioner, I am also now a part of a Coven Sisterhood, with other craft practitioners. Each of them have taught me wonderful new methods from their own spiritual journeys. We share equally in our gifts to each other, and to those in need of our blessings. I am very passionate about mybeliefs,and I consider it an honor to be able to help others by the offering of these enchantments and blessings.

What kinds of items do you offer?

My goods are always changing, and they vary from blessed new jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and so on) to vintage “touched” pieces that
I’ve inherited or obtained by way of a private estate  sale. In addition to jewelry, I also have music boxes, rechargevessels, faeries, Wiccan oils and spellcraft supplies, plus supplies for Reiki.

I find estate sales mainly by word of mouth and invitation,
and, they must be from the home of a sister craft practitioner. Some of my most beautiful things come from these auctions of other Sisters who’ve crossed over.They are my “touched” (or haunted) items, having the spirit of the wearer attached, and all full of positive light energy.

Additionally, my Coven Sisters often will offer their blessed pieces, as well, as do various mentors and partners (please see the Coven and Mentors page for more information.)

How do I place an order?

Please contact me directly (see the Contact page for specifics). Just me know the type of item you desire, the  blessing you would like, and your budget. I will, in turn, send you some photos of what I can offer you, and we can discuss the possibilities and details. Once we have an agreement, I will invoice you direct through PayPal (although I will also accept money orders, please just let me know). As soon as payment is made, we will prepare your item. The item will be cast especially for you, so I will need your full name and birth date. This special order system will take a bit longer
than the Ebay items I have readily available. It is estimated that custom items will generally take about two weeks total to order and cast. I ship very quickly once things are ready.

Do you offer international shipping?

Absolutely! Please just let me know where you are when you first make contact, so I can give you a good shippingestimate.

Can I wear multiple enchanted items at the same time?

Yes, you can wear all of your haunted/enchanted items together as long as they are all containing white magick/positive energy ONLY. This means they should come from a home where ONLY white magick is practiced. If you have any pieces that you are even in question about, do not wear (or store) them with your other jewels.

Will re-sizing my jewelry harm the enchanted nature?

No, feel free to re-size or have jewelry repaired without worrying about taking away the spell or enchantment. However, do not let others try on your jewelry or wear it. This is not a good idea because then the spell may be transferred to that wearer (and, we want the spell/enchantment to be for you!).

How does a spell or blessing work?

Spells and blessings are arrangements of various chants, herbal brews and burnings, candle ceremonies, gemstone attributes,energetic impressions, etc. Each blessing has a different combination of these things to make it unique. The blessing takes place at an alter where God and Goddess are asked to bless the next wearer with the particular spell. Because the practitioner has committed themselves to the craft, an offering of our devotion is given at this time in exchange for the fulfillment of this spell. The spell is always asked to belong to the “next wearer” of the piece (unless it is a custom order, in which case your name and birth date will be included to individualize the blessing to you, if you wish it). When the intended recipient wears or carries the piece, the energy of the piece is transferred to that person’s own chemistry, psyche, aura, and energies.

Do I need to recharge my item? if so, how?

If you believe your item is in need of a recharge, there is an easy way for you to “recharge” the blessing. Place your enchanted item in the FULL MOON (check a good calendar for the specific date of the full moon, or you can look it up via the net) for at least 2 hours, this will re-charge your piece. Do not worry about cloudiness or rain; the piece will still receive the lunar charge. Two hours is plenty, although many people leave their items out all night. A windowsill is also acceptable if you can’t put the items outside. If you don’t have the time to remember to recharge, I do offer some lovely magickal recharge boxes that will recharge your items nightly. Then, you can still recharge both the box and the items, when you remember to put them in the light of the full moon.

How long does it take for the spell or blessing to work?

It simply varies from wearer to wearer. I have testimony of some blessings working immediately and others may take up to two months. For most people, results will be seen within thirty days. If you are extremely sensitive to magick and the paranormal, it will happen more quickly. It will also happen more quickly if you are open to the magick/blessing/charm, and allow it into your life to do its work. Also note that some kinds of blessings may take longer to completely unfold. Just as an example, a spell for “emotional healing” may take some time before it is complete, depending on the amount of healing necessary.

Why isn’t my spell or blessing working?

A spell or blessing (or even haunted jewelry with spirits attached) can not flourish around persistent negative energy. That is why it is imperative that you are open and that you BELIEVE, hence, the popular statement “Just Believe”. If you live around others who are unduly negative, this can also form a barrier against the positive energies trying to emit from the piece. Please note that I am not referring the common, everyday, ordinary negativity such as having a “bad day” or experiencing normal stresses and everyday friction.

The negativity to which I refer is more of a dark natured, constant negativity that may plague your existence on a daily basis.If you are concerned with this, I recommend looking into ways of cleansing your home/self of the negativity. Citrine stones are wonderful for this (and, they never need cleansing). Also, amber candles burned will draw out negativity, and white candles may be burned simultaneously to replace the negativity with positive energy. Very rarely, a piece just will not “combine” properly with the wearer’s energy with no explanation available as to why, but,as stated, this is rare.

Can I send you an item of my own to have blessed by you?

I don’t offer this service and there is a good reason why. Firstly, there is the issue of existing energies. Since I do not know where the item has been, I would have to have it tested and then, cleansed. Although this is time consuming, it is not the only reason I choose not to perform this type of service. There is also an issue of bringing a foreign object into my home. I am also very selective about estate sales. I don’t just go to ANY sale. I am always either invited personally, or find out by word of mouth. So, in a way, I always know WHOSE energy I’m buying. Lastly, there is the issue of lost mail. I would never want anyone’s things to get lost, either coming or going. So, new jewelry and older items (that I know are “of the light”) are the things I have to offer.

Can I buy just the “spell” from you and have you cast it on me longdistance?

Honestly, I don’t believe anyone can do this very well. Long distance readings and blessings are very difficult. I do believe in energy transmission (i.e. prayer, reiki energy work, etc.), but I just prefer to cast an amulet for my customer. This way, I know the energy has been infused into the piece. My recipient also gets a lovely trinket, reminding them of the blessing infused therein.

What if I have a question that isn’t on this page?

Feel free to ask!