SOLD! Dominican Larimar Gemstone Ring Blessed Healing Brings Success Manifests Good Things

Article last modified on 26 Jun 2017

z larimar ringThis ring has one of the most beautiful stones…it’s Larimar from the Dominicanebay14 654 and it is stunning! Larimar is a rare stone only found on the beaches of Barahona and the Caribbean. There are just over 8 carats here, set in solid sterling silver 925. The size is a 7.5. The ring has been within our coven for the past year or so, and we have used it with great success. Sister Nathalye,  Sister Mallory, Sister Lilith, Sister Sylver, Sister Lorraine, Sister Jillian, and myself have all found it to be a real high ebay14 653energy piece!  For me personally I have quite enjoyed it’s healing effects and I believe it’s brought me success & manifestation of many good things. We recentlysold cleansed it with white sage, under the most recent full blood moon, and gave it a good recharge. It holds many wonderful blessings for: EMOTIONAL HEALING & RELEASE OF BLOCKED EMOTIONS & BAGGAGE, NEW FOUND STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, RELIEF OF STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, SUCCESS, NURTURING LOVE, AND MANIFESTATION OF ALL THINGS GOOD.  $38.99 (free shipping , free gift)

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