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Article last modified on 21 Jun 2017

z sapphire braceletHere is an item which is among a lot of enchanted jewels that the coven receivedebay14 1247 from one of our sister covens, in Cyprus, recently.  Our High Priestess, Sister Mia, has a good friend & mentor that belongs to the  “Of Angels Sisterhood” there. In fact, we are in the process of trying to plan and raise funds for a trip there to share ritual time with this sisterhood. A few times a year we will trade enchanted jewelry with them, there upon “layering” the jewels to have touched many of us that practice the craft of the light. This is a common practice among many who practice the craft.  Our coven has had ebay14 1245the bracelet for a year now and it has given terrific results.  We recently gave it a strong recharge under the fullest moon. The bracelet is an elegant design made ofebay14 1246 natural Cyprus Blue Sapphires, surrounded by small white topaz gems.  The bracelet has a setting of 925 solid sterling silver with little 2 tone touches of brass over the silver. The bracelet measures 7.85″, a perfect length really, with a secure clasp. It is the only one I have like it. The blessings on this piece are for:  OVERCOMING GRIEF & FEAR, FACING CHALLENGES WITH STRENGTH OF A GODDESS, SEEING VISIONS / HEARING THE VOICES OF ANGELS, TRUE HEARTFELT JOY, UNIVERSAL POWERS OF ATTRACTING GOOD THINGS, GREAT WEALTH TO WEARER, ABILITY TO OPEN 3RD EYE, AND STRONG BODY / MIND / SOUL CONNECTION. Price: $74.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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