Customer Testimonials

Article last modified on 16 Oct 2012

The gorgeous earrings (which I love!) arrived a few minutes ago and I have to tell you what has happened since they arrived. I blessed them, claimed them as mine and for the good of all, and put them on. I had gotten scissors from my jewelry drawer to open the bag and when I did, saw the little pouch containing a beautiful citrine necklace that I’d gotten several years ago in the bottom of the drawer. I pulled the necklace out and put it on – what a perfect match with the earrings! When I was admiring the two in the mirror I noticed that the citrine crystals looked murky and smelled funny – a little like vinegar, so I went to the bathroom, cleaned them with cool water (no soap!), blessed them, and put the necklace back on. The crystals are now sparkly and smell flowery and good, sort of like lavender. I’ve been wearing both for about an hour and am feeling light headed and a bit dizzy – apparently in a rather pleasant way, since I keep finding that I am smiling. So I don’t know what is in my future, but these beautiful pieces are doing some powerful work to cleanse and draw something incredible to me. Thank you so much for sharing them with me, as well as for all the blessings that you have sent my way. I send as many back to you, with all good wishes for much success.


Wow, since I’ve had this rose quartz “love and happiness” ring, I really have been happier, and while my love life was already okay, I’ve had some amazing insights into the nature of spiritual love and the power of that. I’ve had a lot of emotional healing that has led to much greater self-appreciation and self-love. My life really is brimming with happiness and love. I only have to relax and let it flow, and it does. Even when I’m having a bad day, I can usually reach out and touch the love… Pretty spectacular, to say the least!

Just want to thank you again for the truly magickal items and the gifts. :) The whole feel of my house has changed since the introduction of the citrine & amethyst crystals. And the jewelry is not only beautiful but the magick is potent (for me at I just want to thank you and give you a short update: My marriage is a lot smoother since I put on the relationships ring. I’ve been getting more affection from my husband since I put on the love & affection ring. I didn’t realize the difference with the good fortune earrings till I had to clean them (my days where difficult while they where recharging)………And the money fortune earrings I gave my Mom are already helping her. :) Thanks again! :) Blessed Be x3


I don’t normally write to people that I buy from on eBay, but I just wanted you to know how much I value your jewelry. As you know, I have purchased a number of your pieces. Not all for myself….I have passed them on to others that were in need of them. The emeralds, however, are for myself.  The 9 carat solitaire sparkles on my finger. The 23 carat emerald ring that I purchased from you is being transformed into a pendant which, I feel, is what it was intended. I am bidding on the third piece (emerald stud earrings) to complete the set. Something truly beautiful and powerful that will be cherished by me and, afterwards, by my daughter and granddaughter. Thank you for offering up your treasures for others, like myself, to have and love. Blessings Always


Great seller….bought FAST MONEY bracelet and won $2,500 today…thanks!!!


Hi, my beautiful friend!!! I’m writing to you this time to rant and rave about this ring. I am absolutely blown away AGAIN at the power of your items. Blown Away! From the moment I put it on my finger and felt that funky feeling up my arm that I get with every one of your pieces, I LOVED it. And, I’m already a huge water drinker, so the thirsty factor hasn’t been an issue. I am working out every day and eating soooooo much better and not even wanting to eat the nasty stuff that adds to my thunder thighs. ;)… I love your items… I love you and I love Ella.  Every one of the items I have purchased from you has influenced my life in its only little (or should I say HUGE) way. You have no idea how much I truly appreciate you. Thank you so very much. Keep these wonderful spells coming. Many, many Blessings!


Please tell Ella Mae that her PROTECTION spell was hard at work the other day.  You see, my daughter and I were in a head on collission.  The other car had people severely hurt.  I am happy to say that it was not my fault.  The paramedics were stunned when they came to my car and my daughter & I were both without a scratch.  The car is totalled but, remarkably, we are getting a great price from the other man’s insurance company.  I am convinced that it was the earrings that helped save our lives.  Thank you & thank Ella Mae, too.


Just a quick note to tell you that I am so much more at peace after receiving Moira’s things.  I have even had visions of her and sometimes, there is a faint hint of sweet perfume……. I feel like someone is watching over me all the time now and I just want to thank you for sharing her beautiful items with me.


Well, went to the racetrack the other day and didn’t win anything.  I was a little bummed, expecting to win, but then I remembered how you said it could sometimes take a little time for the spell to work.  I am HAPPY to say that I won $826 today!  Thank you so much…..I DO BELIEVE!


I want to relate to everyone who may read this how fabulous these blessings work for me.  As soon as I got the weight loss bracelet, I put it on and was nearly instantly receiving the blessing of reduced appetite.  I am drinking a lot of water, walking, and using common sense on portions– ‘Everything in moderation!’  I am not experiencing any hunger pangs, and that is most assuredly a blessing when trying to drop a few unwanted pounds.  No side effects, no chemicals, no expensive renewals!  How wonderful is that!  I cannot say enough good about this seller.  She is, indeed, a blessing to anyone who wishes to combine her enchanted baubles with their own energies– for  ‘magikcal’ results


My Dear new Friend, Just wanted to say thank you so very much for my newest shipment of wonderful treasures. I put the rosary on and wore it all night. The energy was wonderful. I am so very happy with all of my purchases from you…… I will cherish all of my new treasures for as long as I need them and then pass them on to someone special who needs them later in life. Bright Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend.


Hi again, I received the pendant from you the other day. Thanks! Coincendentally (??), the same day, I got my tax refund and it was $2100 MORE than I expected. Wow, that magic stuff works quick! Thanks again!!!


I just wanted to share this with you. Remember I bought a “good things manifest” ring from you………Well, yesterday I went and got the ring out of the box…………and I took the ring out (which is really BEAUTIFUL, by the way!) and said out loud that I claimed it for my own…….When I put the ring on, I swear I felt DIZZY! Light headed, but in a really good way. A little breathless, and giddy, almost like the sortof bliss you sometimes get while meditating, kind of “high”, and a bit tingly all over, though not in a physical way (I hope that makes sense!). The sensation lasted for a good twenty minutes or so, I was really surprised! I’ve bought a fair number of enchanted items from various people, some of them complete duds and some of them surprisingly good, but I’ve NEVER had such a strong reaction to any piece before!…..I know that magickal pieces need to bond with the person, but I’ve never had one that was so very strong! ……… Anyway, you can use bits of this as a testimonial if you do that kind of thing, or just add me to the list of people who are bedazzled by Ella Mae’s spell & her lovely, generous spirit. I hope this message is a blessing to you… also to Ella Mae.


Hello, just thought you might want to know the wonderful earrings you sold me I gave to my mother as a gift. She has won some money and has money coming in from all directions. She is so happy. I want to thank you so much for making her life a lot easier. You are truly wonderful. Kind Regards, Always


Hi! I just thought I’d pop in and let you know that this ring rocks! About a week and a half ago, on a whim, I went into a store that I’ve never gone into before……Out of the blue, for no real reason, I went there and POOF! I’ve got a job there now! I’ve been struggling to land a job for almost a year now. How long have I had this ring? This is great! I’m so glad to have come across you and your items. Many, many blessings!


Since I bought the garnet ring from you, I got engaged, and got a new job with a big promotion. Thanks again.


These earrings are soo unbelievably stunning! Their magick definatly started to work right before i even got them in the mail today. You see, i am a photography student and i love entering photography contests but i never win them. Well today as i opened up my mail box to find these lovely earrings i also found a letter from one of the photo contests i entered and i won!!! i won $4000!!! and early before i made over $100 in tips at my part time job!! Thank you for such wonderful jewelry! i will definatly be doing business again and recomending you to all my friends! blessed be!


Hi again! (please feel free to use the following as a testimonial if you like!)
How could I forget to tell you about a ring I purchased for a dear friend of mine last fall. It was garnet, I think, and had the spell for finding LOVE AND HAPPINESS. Well, she felt the effects instantly. Happiness was coming from all directions. This is after years of dealing with a life-threatening illness…I can’t tell you how much the she very much deserved this ring. Well, shortly after around Christmas, she met someone and they are still in love and together even now! I’m so happy for her and so very greatful to you for spreading so much good throughout the world. Her life continues to come together and her dreams, we’re convinced, will come true! THANK YOU and MANY BLESSINGS!