Blue Topaz Stud Earrings 925 Blessed Connect With Angels Self Growth Spiritual Guidance Manifest Good

Article last modified on 23 Sep 2017

z blue topaz earringsHere is a beautiful pair of earrings full of wondrous color! They’re made of approximately .75 carat of facet cut BLUE TOPAZ gemstones set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925, stud / stem / post back design.   In addition to the gemstone’s natural beauty, they are full of rich blessings from The LONE STAR Coven.  We recently recharged them under the new moon, as well, so the energy is strong. These blessings are for: DEEP MEDITATIONAL HEALING, ATTUNING TO HIGHER SELF, LIVING OUT YOUR OWN ASPIRATIONS & DREAMS, CONNECT WITH YOUR ANGEL GUIDES, PSYCHIC ENHANCEMENT & GROWTH, ASSISTANCE IN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, SELF GROWTH, PROSPEROUS LIFE FINANCIALLY & IN HAPPINESS, & MANIFESTATION AND ABUNDANCE OF GOOD THINGS.   PRICE: $29.99  (free shipping, free gift)

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