Blessings and Spells Offered

Article last modified on 16 Oct 2012

Please take your time and browse through my variety of blessings. Use the page menu above to move easily around the page if you like; there is a lot of information here! Some of the blessings/spells are very similar and may be cast by different people. I will assure you, each is very powerful and unique. Hope you find one (or seven!) that you would like to experience in your life!

Please feel free to ask if you would like assistance in choosing which blessings would be most appropriate to your specific situation. I’m more than happy to help! (Remember that I do not offer the spells/blessings on their own; they are strictly cast upon jewelry or other items and then posted to you, the customer, directly. See the FAQ page for more information if you haven’t already done so, or if you came to this site via this page and want to know what this is all about.)

Please note that in addition to jewelry and other collectibles, Wiccan Alter items and tools also available upon request, and also raw crystals and Reiki tools, all of which may be blessed.

Blessings of Love

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Find My Soul Mate: This blessing is designed with the right blend of herbs, candles and chants to guide the wearer to their intended “soul mate”. Your soul mate may or may not be the one you will share a marriage or physical relationship with……they may be of either sex and will be a vital part of your happiness. When you least expect it, you will be faced with the one that shares your hopes and dreams.

Bring True Love: This blessing is specifically cast with herbs, oils, and chants to produce a new and true love interest to the new wearer. This will be a serious, meaningful love and should happen quickly (within 1-2 months of wearing the piece).

Passionate Sex Drive: If you are looking for more desire with your partner, this is the right blessing! It is a potent mix of the right ingredients to invoke feelings of lust and spark to your sex life…get that “carnal craving” for physical touch back! Also great for rekindling a relationship that’s lost it’s zest.

Rekindle Romance: This spell is specifically cast with herbs, oils, and chants to bring about feelings towards your significant other, similar to when you first met. Everybody wants to “fall in love”, again! You’ll have much MORE ROMANCE than ever before with this spell. This is wonderful for a long term relationship that’s gone a bit “stale”. It may be just the thing to revive your love life!!!

Get Your “Sexy” Back: The thing about sex appeal is that it is not all about looks…’s just an X-factor that some people have. A lot of it is confidence, carriage, smile, personality and just a fun attitude. Sometimes, in life, we get so busy that we forget that we are “girls” and need to have FUN! This spell encompasses all of those things to bless the wearer with more sexy savvy……that’s a very good thing ……..You will see the difference in how many new friends and admirers you attract 😉

Magnetic Attraction: Did you ever know someone that was like a magnet?? I mean, people just flock to them and want to be around them. Well, with this spell you will suddenly find yourself enamoured with friends and even “suitors” if you wish. Even your family will find you more fun and joyful to be around. It is a GREAT SPELL for anyone in SALES, too. Your clients will not be able to get enough of what you are trying to sell ! You will feel more desirable and this will exude to others making them find you more attractive as well. A great side effect of this blessing is more SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE to the wearer!

Allure to Wearer: This is intended to make the wearer more charming with more of a mysterious and eye-catching charisma….designed to “draw them in” to you. You will see the difference in the people you attract. It’s truly a “reel ‘em in” spell! Perfect for the single lady trying to catch the eye of a certain someone, or for the married gal trying to get the hubby to notice her!

Desirability to Wearer: This will make the wearer more desirable and attractive to that special person she’s trying to appeal to. Others will also perceive the wearer as being more likable…..not to mention the new SEX APPEAL factor you will exude. This will also give the wearer more feelings of intimacy and desire.

Mystic Charm: Want to be more mysterious to others? This blessing will create an aura of mystic charm around it’s wearer. People will be intrigued with your sense of style, beauty and charisma. If you want to leave them “wanting more”, this is a great spell intended to do just that. Be that enigmatic soul that leaves a haunting presence wherever she / he has been. Great for the entertainment field!

Re-Unite Old Flame: This blessing is designed to help the wearer find and re-connect with an old flame. Did you have a past relationship that you regret losing? With this spell, the wearer will be guided back to that person, if it is the intent of the God and Goddess. If it is meant to be, this blessing will guide you back to those old memories with that special someone. Has worked for many, especially later in life!

Manifest Love: Not only will this spell help lead the wearer to her soul mate, but it will also enhance the love life of a long term relationship wearer. You will also find that the love relationship you have with others (significant other, friends, family, etc) will be stronger. Altogether, more fulfillment, and joy in your life because of an increased amount of LOVE!

Alluring Aura: This blessing has asked of the God and Goddess to bless the wearer with an “aura to attract” around them. It will bring quality people / friends / significant others to your presence. People will find you fascinating and will want to be around you and hear what you have to say (great for politics). This is intended to make the wearer more engaging and pleasing to the eyes and ears of others.

Harmonize Relationship: This spell will instill new growth in any relationship. It is good for a new love, old love, family tie, or friendship……any connection that could use a little help getting back “in sync” with each other. If you have dysfunction with the ones you love, let this spell help you communicate and mend the tears.

Make Him / Her Notice Me: This is intended to make the wearer more OUTSTANDING to the eye of the intended.. If you feel like you’ve ever been part of the “wallpaper”, well, get ready for that to change. This blessing will instill the confidence and attitude it takes to attract the eye of that “certain someone”…just the boost you need! If you are tired of them seeing you only as a “friend”, then it’s time to step up the game. This blessing will help you get there!

Strong Love Connection: This spell will instill a new strength to any existing relationship and/or will place a seed for a new one. It is specifically designed to help the wearer create a bond with their loved one that is SO STRONG that nothing or nobody is able to penetrate through it. This bond may be sexually natured, or derived from the heart to heart connection. Either way, both of you will discover that you can not (nor do you want to be) without the other.

Commitment and Fidelity (also called New Marriage Blessing): Here is a wonderful blessing for any relationship. It has been ordered that the recipient of this blessing shall experience a strong bond of commitment with their significant other. It will set the tone for a connection of loyalty and fidelity to one another for a lifetime together. Many people have this blessing placed on an item as a gift to a bride or groom.

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Blessings of Prosperity
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Bring on the Mojo: This is a blessing favorite of Ella Mae’s (see Coven & Mentors page for more about Ella Mae). She is from the islands and certainly believes in mojo. This is designed to bring the 5 elements (earth, air, water, fire, and spirit) powers to the wearer. With nature on your side (and a little help from the God and Goddess), the wearer will be the new beneficiary of some major luck, financially. Fast cash and good luck will be the outcome. Plus, you’ll always have the “mojo” to get things done your way!

Prosperity: This spell is designed to bring an abundance of good things into the wearer’s life. You will notice the change monetarily as well as living a richer, more prosperous, life in general. This will carry over into your loved ones and family’s lives, as well.

Attract Wealth: The chant and blend of herbs used in this blessing ceremony are very strong. We have asked that the wearer of this piece experience a new way of life that is typically known only by the wealthy. The wearer will see that they begin to attract more influential friends, and that themselves come into more financial wealth. More money and more success / power is the requested result of this blessing.

New Business and Life Success: A terrific spell for anyone, this one is especially great for someone starting a new job or career (includes Motherhood and Marriage). If you are in school, this will definitely help you with your classes and direction, as well! For the career oriented, let this spell take you to the TOP……….especially with sales! ALSO, really great for getting a NEW BUSINESS off the ground! If you are a stay at home Mom, it will make you better at managing your family! Be a SUCCESS at whatever you do!

Financial Gain: This blessing will help the wearer with investment gains.. The requested effect is to change the financial mind set of the wearer. You will gain the wisdom and knowledge by wanting to save and invest for this financial gain. Usually, this spell’s results are more about assets (i.e. new home with vast equity appreciation, investment gains of great amounts, stocks/bonds, unexpected bonuses with career, commissions, etc). This spell is designed to bring prosperity of larger amounts (not just small scratch off winnings). A small amount of $$ is needed to get started. Great blessing for anyone just starting out, or preparing for retirement.

Wealthy Life: This is a great one…..for, not only does it apply to $$$, but also to a richer lifestyle to the wearer. This blessing is designed to teach the wearer to enjoy and attract the BEST things in life. You deserve it! Did you ever wonder why some people seem to have it all? money, happiness, fortune and family? Well, there is no reason….just fate, luck, and maybe a great spell or two!

Good Fortune: This blessing will bring the wearer a wave of good happenings and the end result will be some kind of monetary gain (if not money, then something of great value). It will also increase your “good days” over bad ones. Walk around with “good luck and fortune” on YOUR side. Everybody’s fortune is different, remember. So, whatever the wearer considers a good fortune will come to them.

Increase odds @ Winning Lottery: This blessing is designed specifically for those who like to play the lottery or do scratch-off money games. And, although we can’t guarantee that you’ll hit the “big one”, your chances are significantly raised with this blessing for winning money in the lotto. The chanting that is done is designed just for this purpose. WINNING MONEY is the goal. Prosperity herbs have been used. May react immediately (even before the piece reaches you), or make take a bit of time to manifest….have patience. Spells are totally dependent upon the wearer’s sensitivity to them, as well as belief and acceptance of their gifts.

Manifest Wealth (Self Made or ‘Donald Trump’ blessing): This is designed to bring the wearer a hunger to succeed (a real DRIVE). Psychologically formed to CREATE more ability within the wearer to make and invest MORE money. Expect wealth, but also for more happiness and fulfillment in life. This will extend to the wearer’s family as well. Great for the person (or ego) who wants to be “self made”, and for new businesses.

Wealthy Fortune: Ella Mae has created this blessing to help the wearer attract everything having to do with living a WEALTHY Life, and accumulating a FORTUNE. This is a spell for monetary gain. Riches & a lavish lifestyle will be the end result if the wearer follows the lead of this blessing……….remember to have an open mind & BELIEVE….and, when opportunities come (and they will) do not be afraid to take a chance…..for the result could be millions!

Luck o the Irish: This is a delightful spell derived from an old Irish Proverb of Prosperity. Called “LUCK ‘O THE IRISH”, it translates to good luck and good fortune to the wearer. The chant for this blessing is said in Gaelic, and is full of mystical requests for the wearer to experience a rainbow of prosperity throughout life.

Brings Riches to Wearer: This blessing is designed to bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer of the piece holding the blessing. New possibilities in life will open up to the one that wears or carries this enchantment. These possibilities have the power to bring wealth of otherwise unreachable proportions. Many of us only need the OPPORTUNITIES in life to succeed……that is what this spell is designed bring you!

More Money (Cash Flow): With this blessing, the wearer can expect to make more $$ and save more $$ in the near years ahead from a steady cash flow. The object is to be debt free and be able to provide the things you want / need for yourself and those you love. It is a terrific blessing and has been brewed with all the proper herbs / oils to make it a terrifically strong spell. :)

Good Luck: This powerful and popular blessing is cast to bring the wearer a new disposition in life. Even if you have never considered yourself lucky before, that is all about to change. Suddenly, you will notice things are going your way as never before. It’s a simple blessing of “luck”…..some have it and now, so can you!

Finding New Job or Career Change (Boost): This blessing will help the wearer find the perfect job or career for them. Not only will this blessing bestow you with the necessary confidence and “know how” that you’ll need, but it will also lead you to the right connections to get more exposure in your career. This popular blessing has proven very successful for sales people. It will give anyone the “boost” you need to succeed.

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Spiritual and Psychic Blessings 
Psychic blessings, spiritual spells, psychic spells

Universal Powers: The chant in this blessing requests the God, Goddess and Universe to bless the wearer with whatever need they may have and to grant their request. All the wearer will need to do to reap this gift is to wear the piece and ASK for what they want out loud. Address the request or statement to the God, Goddess and / or Universe and follow it with what your request. The power to fulfill your need or wish will be there. This blessing is based on the Law of Attraction, the same idea (though, old, recently re-popularized by “The Secret”). And, IT WORKS!!

Open Third Eye: This may be a bit frightening for some because it will give you insight and visions of things to come. Sometimes these will be good things, but it may also show you some things that could be harmful for you or someone you know. If you have a bad dream or vision, take heed. Do not delay in telling the person about it and tell them to be forewarned. This spell can save lives and HAS! The Third Eye spell is also useful for mediums who are trying to channel spirits. You may need some experience to try this endeavor. You may also be able to contact spirits with this spell. There is NO LIMIT to this spell’s POWER! Use with caution.

Cleanse Aura, Re-charge Chakras: This blessing will instill in the wearer a new and refreshing psychic awareness. It is a real “booster” for any system that feels zapped of their energies. The blessing will help cleanse your chakras and allow more positive energy to enter your meridians. Inner Peace and Tranquility is an excellent side effect! You may also experience a new gift of clairvoyance with this very charged blessing!

Sixth Sense: This blessing is intended to enhance the wearer’s sensory path to where they are able to pick up on other energies present (i.e., spirits, ghosts)….and, yes, you may see them. This would be an especially helpful spell for anyone studying or practicing the craft. Or, if you are interested in learning more about your spiritual capabilities, this will help you. It may be a little frightening…don’t order unless you are up for the experience.

Law of Attraction: This blessing is made with some of the same herbal blends and candle therapy as our “Universal Power” and “Good Karma” blessings are. What this blessing will do is provide the wearer with a genuine INTENT (so very important) for their desired successes. It’s not just to grant a wish or a dream……this blessing will help the wearer to do exactly what they want in this lifetime. All things that are GOOD will be ATTRACTED to the wearer because the wearer is putting out good INTENTIONS. Think about the logic….It is what’s in our “gut” that is emotionally and physically driving us to be what we are….what we’re meant to be. Let that something be GOOD and RICH………you deserve it! Honest Intent from this LAW OF ATTRACTION will bring you everything your heart truly desires and will guide you to all that you are meant to be.

Awaken Psychic Abilities: This spell will enhance your own innate psychic ability . We all have the capability to sense things that are of the paranormal, most of us just shut it out. Some refer to it as intuition, even. But, we all have it. What Ella has done with this spell is smudged the right combination of herbs, during the proper lunar phase, and chanted a verse to make the wearer more aware of any unused “gifts” you may have, leaning towards the paranormal. With this blessing, you might expect to have new realizations enter your mind at random. You may awaken, after a powerful dream, to find that you’ve just received a premonition. You will immediately notice the change in your life when able to put this new ability to work! To have better insight into your external / internal sensory connection will help you in many ways.

Good Vibrations: Here’s a blessing for “GOOD VIBRATIONS”. Did you ever feel like you were just have a “low vibe day”? You know, there is such a thing. It happens when our chakra is out of align with the lunar system…………we are physically out of whack when this happens. What this blessing will do is give you a “HIGH VIBE DAY” every day. You will have more energy, be in a good mood, and things will go your way. Good vibrations are great for helping the wearer to get things accomplished and for attracting others to their presence. YOU KNOW when you are having a good vibe day………so, now be able to pre-destine your day to be one of those good ones!

Mental Telepathy/Read Minds: This can be a very beneficial spell for anyone, really! I have a friend who got this spell cast to be able to connect better with her teenage children……..she has since reported that it helped her to keep them out of a dangerous situation. We also get this spell requested a lot by women and men who want a better insight to their significant other. It is also very handy in the career world! Learn to say just what your customer wants to hear by having a telepathic insight into their thoughts and requirements.

Align Chakras and Meridians: If you are just discovering the art of energy transmission and healing (Reiki Master work), then this may all seem a bit foreign. Simply put, we all have chakras, or roots, of our being. There is a different chakra for each part of our body / mind / spirit. Simply “google” this and you can read countless sites explaining them in great detail. From our chakras, come our meridians. Little lines of energy that carry out from our chakra and throughout our bodies. When these “chakras and meridians” become off-balance or out of line, we are not at our optimum level for receiving all of the good manifestations that come our way. With this spell, you can expect: more abundance, synchronicity, tranquility, joy and ease, releasing the past and things that no longer serve you, freedom from pain, fear, stress and anxiety, and living the life you desire, instead of constantly pursuing it. Many folks feel stuck and unable to make the changes they want to, no matter how hard they work or what they do. It is self-limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs (sometimes subconscious), which prevent us from making the changes we want in our lives. So, re-align your chakras and see what good can come to you.

Witch’s Eye (Future Visions and Premonitions): This is a terrific spell / blessing for anybody exploring their extra-sensory gifts. If you have ever had premonitions, dreams or just visions in your day to day life, and did not know what to do with them, this spell is for you. It will give you spiritual direction and guidance to apply that gift. To be able to see into the future (and past) is a real gift. If you have any talent in clairvoyance at all, this spell will intensify it greatly and allow you the know how to use your gift. This would be a very useful tool for anyone in the PSYCHIC field, as well.

Past Life Recall / Regression: This blessing is designed to help facilitate the deep meditation process required to take a person back into their past lives. With this opening experience, they can better know about the person they are in this life time. Past life regression explains so many things to us about ourselves…..why we have our fears, dislikes, and relationships. It helps bring harmony to our present life. Use this blessing at a quiet time when alone.

Art of Persuasion: This is a blessing for the person that would like the power to manipulate other’s ways of thinking to their own ideas. It takes a good deal of intention (good ones) to make this happen. This blessing will not work to make someone have a negative type of thought. However, if you are trying to convince that husband to buy you a new car, this could be just the tool you’ve been looking for! It is also excellent for use in business, politics, and teaching.

Deep Meditation for Self Healing: With this wonderful blessing, and some quiet alone time, the wearer will benefit from a real re-charge. This is designed to synchronize the mind, body, and spirit into one vessel. Working together in perfect harmony, you will be able to think clearly and act on your intentions. This will help you to focus on your blessed amulet and feel its connection to your own being. It’s a very refreshing feeling and one very capable of healing when you concentrate on the part of the body that needs the healing energy. Wonderful personal blessing ~ a wonderful gift to you!

Blessing of Gratitude: This blessing is designed to make the wearer aware of all that he / she has been blessed with. It is easy to feel slighted, sometimes. We may not all be celebrities, or have fame and fortune, but we all have things to be thankful for. With this blessing, the wearer may enjoy that “Thanksgiving / Christmas” feeling all year. You will find yourself smiling more and caring more for others. It’s a blessing of kindness and thanks. It works towards Good Karma.

Banish Negative Energies: (best used with citrine): Here is a powerful combination of herbs and candle therapy to cast this spell……the results will be a more peaceful existence for the owner. You will notice that negativity has no place in your home or life anymore. Your spirit will be uplifted with new energy and happiness whenever you look at your amulet. With loose citrine, put it in your main room (collecting more for other rooms), and enjoy the benefits of MOTHER EARTH~ Combined with the natural energy of the gemstone, this is a VERY POWERFUL blessing!

Inner Goddess: This spell is created with herbs and oils to promote the wearer with a sense of self-value. It will literally UNLEASH the GODDESS in you. Every woman deserves to be valued for her inner strength, love and beauty. When sending praises to our God and Goddess, we must thank them for our earthly elements but we must also revel in our own abilities. RELEASE your inner GODDESS with this wonderful blessing. You will notice the change in the way you feel about yourself as well as the way others see you. A new spiritual connection will be your result!

Goddess Celebration: This spell is created with herbs and oils to CELEBRATE GODDESSES everywhere! Specifically, to the wearer, a great sense of self – pride and love will transpire from this blessing. Also, it will remind you to revel in your own femininity and that of all of your world sisters. It is a great peace, love, and inner strength promoter…………in today’s terminology, “GIRL POWER”. To be a Goddess is to be a real woman, encompassing all that is feminine and beautiful! Great spell for a great Goddess………great gift to YOU !

Attract Faeries (Fairies): If you know anything about these mystical and magickal little creatures then you know they are hard to see. They are all around us, they just seldom show themselves but to the most deserving of humans 😉 This spell has been chanted and infused with the proper blend of herbs such as to attract them to the wearer and the wearer’s home. Early morning is a good time to watch for them and often you may find a “fairy ring” of dew, where they have most surely played the night before. Angel cake may be offered in the spot you select to host them. Your animals (cats and dogs) or little ones will be the first to see them, for sure.

Faery (Fairy) Guardian: “GUARDIAN FAERY” or “PROTECTION BY FAERY” blessing…………..this spell is just so cast, to attract a personal GUARDIAN FAERY or FAERIES to keep watch over the wearer. Faeries definitely have strong powers and can go to great lengths to protect their masters. You may catch a glimpse, from your peripheral vision……or, feel a brush against your neck. You may even hear their tiny whispers in your ear! If you have animals, you will definitely know they are there! My little dogs always let me know when they are nearby. If you ever do see one, you are truly BLESSED! Keep your eyes open with this one and you may see something wonderful!

Connect With Angels / Spirit Guides: This blessing is to bring the wearer direction and protection from her very own Angel and Spirit Guides. These are entities in the spirit world, specifically assigned to you. We all have them. This blessing will teach the wearer how to talk to them and ask for help in daily life. It is okay for us to as for simple things……..less traffic on our way to work, patience with our children, short lines in the grocery store, etc. The angels welcome these requests. Once you get used to using this spell, you will find that daily life is much easier. In addition, you will have a new spiritual connection to your angels and will have new found peace. Wonderful blessing for anyone!

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Blessings of Well Being
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Good Health: It has been said that ” a healthy body is a happy body”…. so true. Did you ever notice that when you are feeling your best physically it transmutes into your mental state too? That is because of a very strong mind and body connection. This blessing brings the two together. The chant infused here asks the God and Goddess to bless the wearer with LONGEVITY and GOOD HEALTH. The wearer will notice a stronger awareness of their own body and will know when something is amiss. This feeling will forewarn you of potential problems. In turn, you will also experience a stronger sense of JOY and HAPPINESS through this wellness blessing. This is a very beneficial spell to anybody.

Healing & Protection: Special blends of herbs & chants have been performed by Lady Kim to make sure this spell performs for it’s wearer……This blessing will form a barrier shield around the wearer, protecting her positive energies and not allowing others to steal them. It will give the wearer new strength & help them to heal from any emotional scarring left by others. You will instantly feel the nurturing effect of this stone & spell…… if someone you love is giving you a big hug and telling you that everything is soon to be ok.

True Happiness: To honestly feel like smiling each day is priceless! If you are happy with your self, personally, this is achievable. We work hard to make others happy…, it’s time to remember that we need to take care of ourselves too! When you wear this beautiful blessing, you WILL feel happier. You will notice that you have a more positive outlook, you smile more, carry your head higher and will even be nicer to others. This spell will also make the wearer feel blessed. They will remember all they have to be thankful for and count their blessings. Happiness and good happenings can be the only outcome!

Protection and Peace to Wearer: This blessing places a barrier shield around the wearer protecting them from outside negative energies. In my Reiki classes, we study how very important it is to protect your own personal energy from the negativity of others energies……many will try to “steal” your positive forces, if allowed. This blessing is created to prevent this. It protects from psychic attack as well. This is a great spell for anyone practicing the craft………it will keep away the bad spirits that might like to interfere with your channeling. It is also just a great blessing for ANYONE wanting a little more protection in daily life. With the new PROTECTION spell comes a blessing for PEACE to the wearer. It will instill a greater sense of security extending through to their personality and the way others perceive them.

Weight Loss and Management: Although you still have to watch your diet and exercise, this spell is is a wonderful help in aiding the wearer to dramatic WEIGHT LOSS. I have lost 17 lbs with the help of this blessing before. This spell will make the wearer very thirsty (part of the spell), as lots of water is critical with weight loss………so, don’t be alarmed with this effect. Wearing this piece will remind the wearer to stay the course with their food intake and exercise. Working on your own psyche, this spell will send you on your way to a slimmer you!

Anti-Depression / Mental Stability: Even for the person who is not clinically depressed, this spell is wonderful for bringing about an extra wave of happiness into your life! It will raise your spirits and remind you of all you have to be thankful for. This blessing instills actual chemical changes to the wearer, mentally ~ happiness and healing will be the wonderful outcome! Not a substitute, but many have quit their pharmaceutical drugs with this blessing!

Heals Pain and Ailments (Headaches, too): This wonderful blessing that can dramatically decrease the pain you feel from ailments such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms, and rheumatism. Many folks say it has cured them of migraines and other headaches, as well. Golfers request this one for their “swing”. It really helps and you will see the difference within the first few days of wearing your piece…..this blessing works great combined with hematite.

Emotional Healing: Now, this can be for grief, sadness, broken hearts, depression or any type of emotional type of stress you may be experiencing. This is an excellent piece to further along more quickly any type of therapy or self help. Wear this blessing and it will bring you much relief from your heartache, or just give a boost to your emotional health.

Anti-Stress / Anxiety: This spell is made to help with panic / anxiety attacks, and relieve the every day stress from the wearer’s life. The chant infused in this piece is one that is also used for tranquility and inner peace blessings, combined with other phrases for the stress and anxiety. It will remind you to breathe and take time for you. Begin to practice the art of “not sweating the small stuff”……..when you are feeling anxious, just touch your enchanted piece. You will be reminded of the insignificance of this problem in the large universal scope. You will find relief knowing you can cope with this spell.

More Self Worth: Now, similar to a self esteem or confidence spell, but different! This blessing actually works psychologically on the wearer to have a HIGHER VALUE on themselves. This will interpret to more PRIDE, higher STANDARDS, and just an overall BIGGER LOVE for themselves. If you’ve ever heard it said “You must first love yourself before you can expect others to love you”………well, it’s true! Do not sell yourself short in this world. We all have the opportunity to be something BIG and WONDERFUL! All you need is more self pride and value. This will also instill a more assertive attitude to the wearer! Get what you want and deserve out of this life!

Inner Peace and Tranquility: The herbal blend used with this spell is for giving the wearer more mental clarity, focus and tranquility. This is an excellent spell for anyone needing a little more peace and calmness in their lives. For like a long walk on the beach or the sound of the ocean breeze, this blessing will have a tranquilizing effect on your nerves, as the wearer. We have even had testimony that this blessing helps with high blood pressure.

Higher Self Confidence and Esteem: This will bring on a new inner strength to the wearer boosting her self esteem tremendously. It will also battle shyness and help to bring the wearer “out of their shell”. The wearer will feel more beautiful, intelligent, feisty, and adventurous. There will be no stopping you with this spell! Others will notice the change in your walk, talk, carriage, etc. GREAT SPELL and they will be attracted to it!

Motivation: This will get the wearer “fired up” about things they need to get accomplished. If you have goals that are hanging, or unfinished projects, this will get you going. Need to finally start that weight loss or exercise program?….This is your spell! Also, if you feel in a slump @ work or with the family, this will give you new reason to improve your game!

Willpower (also called “Kick Bad Habit”): This is a wonderful spell for anybody trying to kick a habit, stick to a diet or exercise regimen, stay on course with a budget, etc. It is easy to be weak and give in with normal day to day life. The spell, worn on your jewelry, will stop you and remind you to “stay the course” with whatever endeavor you need the help with. Willpower is a wonderful attribute and hard to come by. Let this helpful blessing help you have more!

Bliss and Euphoria: You could compare the potential effects of this blessing to the BEST you’ve ever felt in your life. It will induce feelings of not only blissful happiness, but almost a HIGH of sorts. Nothing can bother you with this blessing. Sure beats the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, too. I got this blessing put on a bracelet, recently. I was going through a bit of a “rough patch”, personally, and this really gave me a new perspective on things. It will most certainly remind you of all you have to be grateful for. It will be hard to stop SMILING :) with this wonderful magick blessing! Don’t be surprised to find yourself singing out loud for no apparent reason and finding beauty in the “little things”…… butterflies and flowers! When you are POSITIVE, good things, as you may know, are automatically attracted to you!

Eliminate Jealousy and Envy: This blessing is wonderful for removing bitterness, envy and jealousy from your life. It’s hard sometimes, not to be envious of those that appear more fortunate than you. However, with this blessing, you will be reminded of your own wonderful attributes and features, your own personality, beauty, family and other blessings. The freedom you experience from this wonderful blessing will be liberating. No more little green monsters nagging you!

Relief from Guilt and Remorse: With this healing blessing, you’ll be able to FORGIVE, not only others but also yourself. That is a very hard thing to do naturally. In life, even the nicest of people have confrontations and situations that we may feel remorseful or guilty about. This spell will help you to make amends where applicable and move past these issues.

Lessen Nerves and Worries: This is intended to alleviate anxiety due to worrying from the wearer’s life. The world is a very complex place today and we all have a lot on our minds. With this spell, you will have more faith in “what is meant to be” and more belief in destiny. Some things really do happen for a reason and we can’t have hindsight until after it happens. There are times when even a seemingly “bad” thing turns out to be a “good” thing……so, we all must have more trust in our God (or Goddess) to work it all out. If you lie awake at night, feeling overwhelmed with worries, then this is a good spell for you. There is a wonderful blend of herbs burned when casting this spell……all for mind relief and relaxation. If you are frequently nervous, you will notice the difference with this blessing………wonderful!

More Direction in Life: This will gift the wearer with a more sense of a “life path” they should be on. Whatever he/she is supposed to be doing with their lives will become more obvious and clear with this spell. It is an excellent spell for anyone at the “crossroads of life”, or experiencing great change. Excellent blessing also for college students!

Strength and Courage: This is a wonderful blessing for anybody needing the strength and fearlessness to face an existing or upcoming hurdle or challenge…not necessarily a negative challenge, but even any CHANGE that you are facing in which you need a little extra strength and tenacity. Some people just have more tough times in their lives than others. Wouldn’t it be great to have that extra charge when we need it? Well, now you can. It’s a wonderful blessing and a most helpful one during certain times. My Mom used this during her chemotherapy and said it was so helpful (she’s doing great, by the way!). As the wearer of this piece, you will find that your inner strength is multiplied 10 fold from what you had before. You will suddenly feel invincible. Sort of like a trip to OZ without the lion suit.

Clarity and Focus: This will gift the wearer with a much better sense of CLARITY, CONCENTRATION and FOCUS. Students find this spell very beneficial for class and tests. My son is ADHD and he swears that when he wears this blessing he feels more in control of his emotions and actions.

High Energy and Stamina: With this blessing, the wearer will find that they have more energy from early in the morning all throughout the day. You will be able to accomplish more and feel better all the while. If you feel like you’ve been overwhelmed lately with too much to do and not enough time, this is a great boost for you! Don’t worry, it won’t keep you up at night……..all that expended energy will make you sleep better! It’s great for mommies with young children, career oriented, travel oriented, etc………anybody can use this helpful spell!

Safe Travel: This blessing is a favorite of mine. When I lived abroad, I had to travel long distances often. I had a few bad experiences in the air …hence, this blessing. This is designed to place a shield of protection over the wearer when traveling. This travel is not limited to the sky… is useful in driving, walking, biking, or any way you “get around”.

Unite Mind, Body and Soul: This blessing will instill in the wearer a greater sense of their own physical & mental attributes. In addition, it reaches deep into your soul to really help you “find yourself”…..if you are lost within, this is a great directional tool……It will help the wearer to feel as if their mind & body are in harmony, in sync, working towards the same goals. Inner Peace & Tranquility is an excellent side effect of this spell! You may also experience a new gift of clairvoyance with this blessing.

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Miscellaneous Blessings 
Luck spells, talisman, amulet, protection spells

Good Things Manifest: This will bring about many great changes to the wearer’s life. Positive things will take the place of the hum drum and you will notice the change. Manifestation of all that is good in your life means that it will double and triple your life rewards. Get ready to GROW with your GOOD FORTUNE and BLESSINGS with this blessing………new surprises are in store!

Stay Young / Anti-aging: If you could see Ella Mae, you would know the effects of this popular blessing! It is specifically cast to enhance the appearance of the wearer. The blessing asks the God and Goddess to instill the wearer with the passion of youth. The effects will be both physical (you will laugh more and see thing through the eyes of a more youthful person), and emotional. Because of your new attitude and light-heartedness, the lines on your face will lessen and soften and you will really see a difference in your carriage and facial expressions. Although no spell or blessing can CHANGE anyone, physically, except by warranting that person to make the change, this is as close as a physical change comes for a blessing. You will have the ability to add years to your life with this spell, and you will most certainly enjoy life more, too!

Patience: It has been said that “patience is a virtue”. Unfortunately, it is a virtue that many are lacking. This blessing is created with the intent of giving the wearer a more gracious approach to waiting for things. Whether it be finding love, or standing in line at the grocery store, the wearer will have a new feeling of knowing that every moment in life is as it should be….as it is intended to be. With this new found knowledge, the receiver of this blessing will attain patience and grace, making life easier.

More Independence: This blessing was created due to a request from one of Ella’s frequent customers. She wanted it placed on an amulet for her daughter, who was embarking upon life at University. The idea with this blessing is to invoke feelings of freedom to the wearer. It will aid them in having their own thoughts & ideas. Suddenly, they will find that they are able to accomplish things independently, without relying on others for safety. It’s a very liberating blessing and one that will help the wearer to start building a life that is truly for themselves. This is also a good blessing for women who need to feel like they have a life, outside of Mom or Wife.

Time Management: This blessing is formulated with just the right blend of home grown herbs and oils, all combined to instill time awareness in the wearer. You will suddenly notice that you plan your days more effectively and feel more accomplished. The result will be a happier and more at peace YOU. It will transmit into your family life, as well, as now you will be making more leisure time for them. Do what you can do with each day…….there are only 24 hours.

Get Organized: Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? Look around and think you’ll never get it all done? Well, you are not alone. Since the origin of this blessing 3 years ago, it’s become a most requested. This spell is designed to help the wearer with organizational skills. When wearing this, you will have a better sense of keeping on top of the things you need to get done. It will remind you to do what you can daily, and DO IT EFFECTIVELY. This means that sometimes, even though you think you haven’t accomplished anything, you’ll be able to reflect back and see all that you have done. You will also have more desire to place things in an arrangement that actually makes your life easier. This may mean throwing away things that are not beneficial to you, weighing you down. It’s a psyche motivational spell that really works!!

Blessing of Beauty: This is designed to bring feelings of beauty into the wearer’s life. It will also bring out your true inner beauty to others and it will also show on your face! Sort of like a NEW GLOW (without the micro-dermabrasion). You will feel more desirable and this will exude to others making them find you more attractive, as a person. You will feel more desirable and this will exude to others making them find you more attractive as well. A great side effect of this blessing is MORE SELF CONFIDENCE and HIGHER SELF ESTEEM to the wearer.

Good Changes to Come: This spell is to bring brighter days on the horizon for the wearer of these earrings. For just like the caterpillar must endure metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, so may the wearer of this piece experience a wonderful change in life~ So, if you are in need of a metamorphosis of your own, this is the blessing for you! Change is good and sometimes very necessary so we can grow! Also, makes a great gift for anybody starting a new chapter in life (i.e., school, marriage, new baby, divorce, move, etc). So, spread your wings and get ready to fly!

Heart’s Desire: This spell will lead the wearer to where their heart is longing to be. Whatever your innermost dreams and hopes are, this is the spell to fulfill them. All you need is to ask for it! This spell is definitely linked to LOVE, as well.

Creative Inspiration and Drive: This blessing will instill the wearer with new creative ideas and the motivation to put them into action. If you are in need of more inspiration, this is a great blessing for you! Get the things done and stop the procrastinating! Great for artist’s block or writer’s slump!

Enjoy Life More: This has all of the chants and herbal blends for bringing the wearer the ability to relax and have more fun in life. A special request is for more laughter and joy in daily life. This also has a “de-stress” blessing to allow more freedom from worry. You will find that your days are more pleasant and that you don’t allow the “little things” to bother you. It’s a wonderful thing that will transmit into your personal, family, and professional life, too.

Change Your Luck: The chant herein is one for helping the wearer to experience a curve in their streak of luck…………if you have had some rough knocks over the past months or years, and want to start with a clean slate, this is the perfect blessing for you. Suddenly, you will notice the change…………it will be for good things to rain down upon you and bring you a new sense of JOY and HAPPINESS. This change of luck will extend to your loved ones, as well, in a cause and effect fashion.

Best of Times: This blessing is created with a special chant and blend of candle burning and herb smudging. It’s mission is to place the wearer in THE BEST OF TIMES. The wearer will see a great manifestation of good things that will come to them, incrementally, in the next year……lasting them through out their lives. This should include, but not be limited to, FINANCIAL SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, and LOVE. If you want to start the 1st day of the rest of your life off right, this is the perfect blessing to put you in THE BEST OF TIMES!!

Three Wishes: The idea is to wear your item and wish for something you really want to come true. Close your eyes when you make the wish and do it with a VERY OPEN MIND. Select a quiet time when you have absolutely no negativity around you and the wish will take hold. It may take time to come true and the wish may come to you in an unexpected manner………..sometimes you may even question something not so great happening to you only to see in hindsight that your wish came true after all (maybe even because of that thing)……kind of like that old Garth Brook’s song “Unanswered Prayers”. Anyway, it’s a great spell…………I have used it and can say that it DID WORK FOR ME!

Anger Management: This blessing is to help the wearer control their emotions. If you find that you get heated quite easily and don’t like the way it makes you act, this spell will help remind you to keep your cool. By wearing an amulet with this blessing, you’ll be able to respond to issues in a very calm way. This will help the wearer personally and professionally.

More Elegance, Class and Glamour: This spell is intended to bring a refined appearance to the wearer by enhancing manners, posture, carriage, etc. You will even find that your taste for things has taken on a more classic note. A wonderful side effect of this blessing is more SELF ESTEEM, as it is cast with many of the same herbs for that blessing. Helps attract a higher quality of peers and social circle, as well. You will SHINE to others with this new found grace and poise. Wonderful spell for a young woman needing a little “polishing”; sort of like finishing school, without the school!

More Charm and Charisma: With this new power, the wearer will find that others are “wowed” by her personality. In fact, you may find that you are able to persuade others to your way of thinking without even trying. Expect to gain many new admirers, and friends, alike. You will suddenly be that person that everyone wants to know and to “be like”. It is a wonderful blessing for anyone needing a boost in their career, too! You will be able to sell ice to an Eskimo, now!

Manifest Wearer’s Talent: This is a fairly new spell of Ella Mae’s. She won’t say who it was for because of the person’s new fame, but this spell was actually cast for one of this season’s AMERICAN IDOL finalists. This blessing is created to help the wearer develop their own innate talents. If you have been practicing your talent and haven’t seen any improvement, maybe this is the blessing you need!

Reverse Bad Karma: Ella Mae will bless this piece with her spell to “REVERSE BAD KARMA”. Each of us have done things that we are not very proud of……….we are human and we do err from time to time. In our lives we create daily karma for us and this can be cause for concern……..especially, when a person is trying to remedy their past. With this blessing, Ella has asked a favor of the God and Goddess to bless the wearer with a 2nd chance to make the things right in their lives to reverse their karma. It will inspire the wearer to live their live in a loving way and to “give back”. These changes will offer forgiveness from our higher powers of Universe, God, Goddess, and the realm we call existence.

Blessing for Fame and Stardom: This is for the person trying to make it in the entertainment business. Ella Mae has one customer that received this blessing from her while she was on vacation in ST. Thomas. The girl had applied for MTV’s show “ROAD RULES”……2 weeks after getting this spell, she got the call that she was going to be on the show! My brother got this spell about ten years ago and he’s been performing on BROADWAY ever since! ABSOLUTELY TRUE! If you’ve got the talent, this spell will help get you the exposure!

More Adventure: This is a blessing to motivate the wearer to take more risks in life and impart into greater adventures. This may include more traveling , starting a new business, seeking out a companion or relationship, or just everyday fun. It is a great inspiration and has even helped those with agoraphobia (fear of leaving their home).

Green” Inspiration: This is a new blessing from Ella Mae. With the world in global warming turmoil, it appears that everyone is finally noticing that this is the only Mother Earth we have. So, we all need to be more conscious about how we live our lives. This will inspire and remind the wearer to recycle and to use less waste. Derived from the “less is more”, this Earth friendly blessing will have you feeling quite pleased with the way you are now treating your environment….wish everyone would get this blessing!!