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ebay14 2376What an AWESOME ring this one is! I found this ring at an estate auction about 4 years ago in South Texas. The coven sisters and I have been using it ever since. It has the most amazing energy about ebay14 2381it…absolutely VIBRATING with it!  The blessings are also fabulous ones full of white magick…the best of white magick!  The ring previously belonged to at least 2 warlock practitioners that I’m aware of. It was a family heirloom passed down from father to son.  I was able to buy it because there was no remaining heir and the ring was auctioned off with all of the Brother Vincent’s belongings. Brother Vincent is the past owner.  Before him, his father (also a warlock) Brother Wayne. The ring itself must be over 100 years old….definitely an antique. It is a well worn brass setting with a large purple stone (either amethyst or czech glass?) in the center & a natural patina.  The size is an 8.  The blessings infused into this ring are: OPEN 3RDebay14 2380 EYE, TEACH WEARER TO USE THEIR OWN POWERS FOR soldGOOD, REVERSE HEXES, BRINGS PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANCE TO WEARER, PREMONITIONS OF THINGS TO COME, ABILITY TO DETECT DANGER, HEIGHTENED INTUITION OF ALL THINGS, PROTECTION, LONG LIFE, AND ABILITY TO SEE AND CONNECT WITH ANGELS.  This ring will most likely bring a sensation to the new wearer upon first wear…almost like a shock (or, that is what it did to me.)  These feelings, whether cool / warm/ dizziness / or electric charge, will subside when the ring has a full chance to meld with the new wearers own energies.  This is surely a piece to  be passed down from generation to generation.  If you feel drawn to this ring, do not hesitate to buy it now as it’s the only one I have like it.  Blessed Be………  $49.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

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