SOLD! Amethyst Stud Earrings 925 Blessed Self Worth Esteem Personal Growth Good Things Manifest Beauty

Article last modified on 08 Sep 2017

z am errgsWhat a beautiful pair of earrings these are…just perfect for a magickal Goddess! They are Genuine Natural AMETHYST facet cut stones of approximately .50 carats each.  The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and they are of thesold stem stud design (around 1/3″ or 8mm in diameter.) There are wonderful blessings attached to these beauties, as well. The blessings this piece holds are for: GREAT FEELINGS OF BEAUTY TO WEARER (visible from all her admirers), MORE SELF ESTEEM, BETTER POSTURE & CARRIAGE, HEIGHTENED SENSE OF SELF WORTH, SELF FORGIVENESS & SELF LOVE, PERSONAL GROWTH, GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, and GENUINE JOY.  Let your Inner Goddess out with these wonderful blessings of femininity. Price: $28.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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