Rainbow Moonstone Ring 925 SZ 10 Blessed New Beginnings Fresh Start Universal Powers Law of Attraction

Article last modified on 27 Aug 2017

What a glowing & energized ring this is…and, such good quality!  It is made of a Genuine & Natural  ebay14 1912Rainbow Moonstone cabochon gemstone, set in solid 925 Sterling Silver, Size 10.ebay14 1913  This ring is made by a local artisan and has been used within the coven for about 9 months now, with great success. The ring was spiritually cleansed with white sage and blessed under a full moon with these following blessings:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORM, POSITIVE THINGS MANIFEST, LIFE TRANSFORMATION, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, GREATER HAPPINESS, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTIONMoonstone is the stone of the GODDESS. It is a “stone of new beginnings”.  As it’s name suggests, it is strongly connected to moon and to the intuition. Like the moon, the stone is reflective & reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so ebay14 1915everything is part of a cycle of change.  This change can bring aboutebay14 1915 great things &  much prosperity. It’s most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions.  It can encourage lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon.  Moonstone has traditionally been used to enhance psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance.  It can be worn as an amulet of protection & to encourage acceptance of your psychic gifts.  Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energies and can calm overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. Emotionally, Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions.  It improves emotional intelligence.  It provides deep emotional healing & heals disorders of the digestive tract that are related to emotional stress.  It is also used for insomnia and can prevent sleepwalking………wow, all that from Mother Earth! What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! Price: $38.99 (free shipping, free gift)

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