Antique Sterling Onyx Poison Ring Blessed Italian Gypsy Riches Luck Good Fortune Allure Happiness Gifts From Angels

Published on 21 May 2016

ebay13 1234This is a terrific piece that I attained when I lived in Italy.  It’s an unusual findebay13 1235 and I’ve treasured it for over 23 years, now.  I originally bought this from a Gypsy on the streets of Roma (Rome)   She was sitting on a corner a block from St. Peters Square (Vatican) and she had a small table with only a few items to sell. It wasn’t the display that attracted me, it was her.  She was a small lady with a turquoise beaded gypsy style turban on.  She was a little dirty but she was dressed ebay13 if in her best.  And, I appreciated her selling things because there are so many “gypsies” in Italy that are just there to try to rob the tourists.  She obviously had a great heart.  I saw this item on her table and knew I would buy it…even before she told me that it was full of buona fortuna and would bring me many blessings of RICHES, LUCK, GOOD FORTUNE, PROSPERITY, MYSICAL ALLURE, GREAT HAPPINESS, MANIFESTATION OF ALL THINGS GOOD, BEAUTY, & GIFTS FROM ANGELS.  I paid her a bit more than she wanted and she smiled at me.  I went to Romeebay13 1236 at least 8 more times during my time in Italy and I always looked for her…never saw her again. But, an image of her face will always be in my mind…only wish I’d ebay13 1237have gotten her name.  This ring is one of my favorite things I got from this lady.  It’s one I have worn a great deal and have greatly prospered with.  It is definitely an antique and of sterling silver (hallmark in the shank)  It is also stamped MEXICO inside so it was made and originated there.  The gemstone is a black onyx cabochon and the size is adjustable from a 5 – 10. The Poison pot is in tact and, even though the age & wear, it works very well.  I have taken a few photos so you can see how FABULOUS this piece is.  The piece is very POWERFUL and would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s enchanted piece collection……..especially someone learning or practising “the craft”.   I have a feeling this piece will FIND it’s own new owner here. If YOU feel drawn to this piece, do not hesitate to buy it now. I do not have another like it….  PRICE: $64.99 (free ship, free gift)

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Published on 21 May 2016

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SOLD! Vintage Style Opal Peridot Ring 925 Blessed Good Things Manifest Self Love Beauty Health

Published on 21 May 2016

opal peridot ring 925What a beautiful Peridot Blue Fire Opal ring this is…just perfect for a magickalsold Goddess!  The vintage & ornate style setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it is a size 7. There are wonderful blessings attached to this beauty, as well.  It has been within our coven for a few months now and has been used by myself, Sister Jillian, Sister Lilith, Sister Sylver, and Sister Nathalye. The ring has terrificebay13 1200 energy and was recently spiritually cleansed with white sage and recharged under a full moon by The Lone Star Coven. The blessings this piece holds are for: GREAT FEELINGS OF BEAUTY TO WEARER (visible from all her admirers), MORE SELF ESTEEM, BETTER POSTURE & CARRIAGE, HEIGHTENED SENSE OF SELF ebay13 1201WORTH, SELF FORGIVENESS & SELF LOVE, PERSONAL GROWTH, GOOD THINGS MANIFESTATION, HEALING ENERGIES TO WEARER, PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL & MENTAL ALL IN SYNC, BETTER HEALTH HABITS, MORE CLARITY & CLEARER THINKING, RELIEF FROM STRESS OR PANIC ATTACKS, & GRACE ELEGANCE & POISE SEEN BY ALL WHO KNOW WEARER.  Let your Inner Goddess out with these wonderful blessings of femininity. PRICE: $44.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Seraphinite Pendant 925 Blessed Restore Health Connect With Angel Realm More Physical Energy

Published on 19 May 2016

ebay13 1120What a lovely pendant this is….I LOVE this stone.  It’s not a common gemstone that you see everywhere but the colors / patterns are unmistakable!  The stone here is Seraphinite and this is over 42  carats of it set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925. It measures 1.65″ in length. The Lone Star Coven has blessed this piece under a full moon ceremony. The blessings of which it holds are ones that correlate to the gem meaning of seraphinite. This stone is especiallyebay13 1119 beautiful with its silvery white shimmering patterns on a sea green background. It’s name is derived from the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order) and this stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm Seraphinite promotes regeneration and self healing. The blessings in this pendant are: RESTORE HEALTH / BALANCE, CONNECTING WITH THE ANGEL REALM, LIVING FROM THE HEART, GREATER PHYSICAL ENERGY & STRENGTH, PSYCHIC AWAKENING, & GREATER ABILITY TO ATTRACT AS WELL AS GIVE LOVE.  Price: $33.99 (free gift, free shipping)

Lapis Ring 925 SZ 8 Blessed Good Things Manifest Brings Riches Law of Attraction Happiness

Published on 19 May 2016

ebay13 848This beautiful ring is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  What an INCREDIBLE COLOR the stone is … it’s made of over 20 carats of Genuine BLUE LAPIS LAZULI, set in solid sterling silver 925. The sizeebay13 849 is an 8, and there are wonderful faint gold flecks in this particular gemstone.  It is a very high quality ring. The coven & I have cleansed and blessed this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last months full moon! The blessings infused into this are for: GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, NEW FOUND FORTUNE, HEALING ENERGY, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, GREATER ebay13 850OPPORTUNITY IN LIFE, FEELINGS OF CALM & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of haunted jewelry, just know this is a very POWERFUL piece!  It is just GORGEOUS too! This piece is surely of great value, spiritually, and monetarily. Price $36.99  free shipping, free gift) 

SOLD! Ametrine Pendant 925 Blessed Attract Wealth Prosperity Banish Negative Good Health Healing

Published on 17 May 2016

ebay13 1137This pendant holds a wonderful gemstone that is rather RARE….it’s an AMETRINE.  The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it measures 1.55″. You won’t find another like it, that’s for sure! Here are the natural qualities of the stone: AMETRINE:  Ametrine powerfully combines Amethyst & Citrine.  It is fast & effective in it’s action, and is particularly useful in long-standing illness as it brings insight into causes of dis-ease.  Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness.  This stone facilitates & protects during astral travel & relieves psychic attack.  It clearsebay13 1136 stress & tension from the head, calming the mind and bringing focus to meditation.  Ametrine opens the 3rd eye, promoting healing & divination.  It unites masculine & feminine energies.  An extremely soldenergetic stone, it stimulates creativity & supports taking control of one’s own life.  Mentally, Ametrine brings clarity, harmonizing perception & action.  It strengthens concentration and aids thinking things through.  It brings a higher awareness.  Emotionally, Ametrine releases blockages, including negative emotional programming & expectations, facilitating transformation, bringing insight into underlying causes of emotional distress.  Ametrine promotes optimism and well-being that is not disturbed by stressful external influences.  HEALING ametrine is a powerful cleansing property for dispersing negativity from the aura, and toxins from the body.  The blessings this  pendant contains are for: CLEANSE BODY OF TOXIN & NEGATIVE ENERGY, INCREASED PSYCHIC AWARENESS, PHYSICAL ENERGY & CREATIVITY, EMOTIONAL RELIEF FROM MENTAL BLOCKAGE, POSITIVE OUTLOOK & GOOD MENTAL HEALTH & CLARITY, GREATER AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS & 6TH SENSE TO RECOGNIZE HARM DOERS, SELF ATTRACTION OF PROSPEROUS LIFE, RELIEF FROM STRESS / ANXIETY, HEALING ENERGIES,& GOOD HEALTH. What wonderful blessings this piece contains. It was recently cleansed & blessed under a FULL MOON Coven Ceremony. It would not at all be unusual to experience light-headedness, warmth or cool sensations or dizziness upon first wearing the pendant… is that powerful!  The pendant holds the power to change lives! PRICE: $39.99 (free shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Clear Quartz Crystal Ring 925 Blessed Universal Powers Law of Attraction Good Things Manifest Good Health

Published on 17 May 2016

ebay13 1125This is a ring that is so energetic too! That’s because it is made with facet cut Clear Quartz Crystal gemstones. The carat weight is over 35 carats, and the setting is solid sterling silver 925. It is a size 7. Crystal Quartz is a gemstone thatsold may be used with others to amplify any stone it is near by 3 X the normal effects or energies. The jewel was cleansed with white sage and recharged under a full moon. It holds the blessings for: INTENSE ENERGY TO BE USED WITH OTHER GEMSTONES (WILL BOOST THE NATURAL ebay13 1127QUALITIES OF ALL OTHER GEMSTONES WORN / USED WITH IT), ASCENSION OF PSYCHIC SKILLS, PROTECTION (INCLUDING PROTECTION FROM PSYCHIC ATTACK), SAFETY TO WEARER, NEW LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION TO BE REVEALED, UNIVERSAL POWERS, LAW OF ATTRACTION, MANIFESTATION OF MORE LOVE / GOODNESS TO WEARER, AND GOOD HEALTH / LONG LIFE. Price: $33.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

Labradorite Pendant 925 Blessed Law of Attraction Universal Power Reverse Hex Open 3rd Eye

Published on 17 May 2016

ebay13 1100This beautiful pendant is one we have been using within the coven for about 6 months now.  It was just cleansed with white sage and recharged under a full moon by The Lone Star Coven. The pendant is a high quality jewel from a reputable vendor, and the stone carries terrific energy! The pendant is just overebay13 1098 38 carats of genuine and natural faceted flashing Labradorite gemstone…and, it so much glow and flash in this high quality gemstone! The setting is solid sterling silver 925, and it measures just over 1.65″ in length. Labradorite is a power ebay13 1101stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Labradorite may also be used to stimulate imagination, develop new ideas and enthusiasm, and to see more clearly through meditation. As for the blessings, they are: LAW OF ATTRACTION, OPEN 3rd EYE, RECEIVE VISIONS, ALLURE, DESIRABILITY, REVERSE HEX, AIR OF MYSTIQUE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, UNIVERSAL POWER, MORE MOJO, AND GENERAL WELLNESS / HAPPINESS. Price: $36.99 (free shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Vintage Ruby Ring White Witch Estate Blessed Love Health Financial Gains Happiness Spiritual Attunement

Published on 16 May 2016

ebay13 1050This lovely ring was attained at an estate sale I attended in South Texas about 10ebay13 1051 years ago.  It’s a very special piece and one that I’ve personally held on to because it is such a great piece with terrific energy. The ring was previously used by a White Witch named Rosa.  Rosa was very well known in her community for being a very gifted lady for helping people achieve their wishes and dreams.  Whether it was love they were after or reaching their financial goals, Rosa could help them with her blessings and spells.  I was never fortunate enough to meet Sister Rosa but one of our coven’s Senior ebay13 1053Advisors was her friend.  She has told me and the girls many stories that are truly inspirational. This particular ring has a center natural Ruby and the settingsold is gold.  There are hallmarks inside.  I’m not sure if it’s solid gold or overlay but there is no wear through and the ring is at least 30-40 years old, maybe older, I’m just not sure.  The size is a 7 – 7.25. The very best thing about this ring is the energy and power of it’s blessings.  It is blessed for: FINDING TRUE LOVE & MAINTAINING RICHNESS OF LOVE, BUILDING FINANCIAL FREEDOM, GENUINE HAPPINESS, STRONG HEART & GOOD HEALTH, and SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT (help with obtaining your own personal highest psychic abilities.)  This is a ring that will no doubt be very pleasing to its wearer for many years to come.  Price: $68.99 (free gift, free shipping)

SOLD! Vintage Style Lapis Lazuli Pendant 925 Blessed Good Fortune Law of Attraction Love Happiness Riches

Published on 16 May 2016

This beautiful (and very large) pendant is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  ebay13 995What an INCREDIBLE COLOR the stone is … it’s made of 45 carats ofsold Natural Genuine BLUE LAPIS LAZULI, set in solid sterling silver 925.  The Olde Word design is breathtaking. It’s a very prominent piece, measuring 1.85″ in length, and the color is rich and soothing.  It is a very high quality jewel. The coven & I have cleansed and blessed this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last month’s full moon by the sisters of the Lone Star Coven! The pendant’s blessings are: GOOD FORTUNE, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, HEALING POWERS, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, PROTECTION, GREATER TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH, & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece ebay13 996for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of blessed jewelry, just know this is a very POWERFUL piece!  It is just GORGEOUS too! This piece is surely of great value, spiritually, and monetarily. Price $36.99 (free shipping, free gift) 

REDUCED! Hand Carved Wooden Flower of Life Jewelry Recharge Box Blessed Protection & Recharge Blessings

Published on 21 Feb 2016

ebay12 408This is another lovely offering from the Sisters of The Lone Star Coven, and it is one of our most popular items! We have recently held a full moon ceremony in which we smudged this with white sage, cleansing it.  Now, it is ready for their new owner / wearer.This item is really different…beautiful & purposeful!   It’s a Jewelry / Trinket box with so much symbolism!  It is made in India from hand carved ebay12 407sheshamwood, and measures 7″ X 4.5″ X 2.5″.  It has the Flower of Life hand carved on the top, along with an exquisite floral design. The  topside & bottom side is lined at the bottom with a brown material.  Jewelry in photo not part of sale. Atop the box, is the Charmed FLOWER OF LIFE symbol. The Flower of Life is most likely something that you have seen before. It is a common symbol of many spiritual and religious teachings around the world. The Flower of Life has been found all over the world in many different religions. It is one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man. It is a geometrical shape ebay12 409that is made up of multiple overlapping circles of the same size. There is a huge amount of information and knowledge that can be gained from understanding the Flower of Life. It is considered to beebay12 405 sacred geometry that contains ancient religious value and to sum it up it depicts the fundamental forms of space and time, but there is a lot more to know. This box is perfect for tarot safe keeping, or for placing your enchanted jewels in for re-charging.  The box will be a perfect holding vessel for your enchanted jewelry.  By placing your jewels in overnight you will be recharging the enchantments that are instilled into each piece.  It also has a protective property to it as well…this will permeate to all of the jewels contained herein.  Price: $49.99 (free shipping, domestic, free gift)

Red Czech Glass Heart Ring 925 SZ 7.25 Manifest Love Get Your Sexy Back Mojo Good Fortune

Published on 7 Feb 2016

ebay12 214Here is a beautiful piece from our High Priestess, Sister Mia.  This is from herebay12 215 personal estate of enchanted jewelry. It was originally blessed at a coven meeting led by Sister Mia in the presence of The Lone Star Coven.  Since then, it has been used for about 5 years, recharged under the full moon each month, just as recharged recently. It’s a beautiful ring with a strong energy.  The ring is a very wide band of 925 solid sterling silver with a 14 carat heart shaped Red Czech glass heart ebay12 216center.  The size is a 7.25. The silver work is very ornate and lovely.  But, perhaps the very best thing about the ring are the blessings that it holds for it’sebay12 218 new owner.  These blessings are for: MANIFEST LOVE, GET YOUR SEXY BACK, ALLURE / MYSTERY CHARM TO WEARER, MORE MOJO, GOOD FORTUNE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, EMOTIONAL HEALING, CHANGE YOUR LUCK, & ATTRACT WEALTH TO WEARER. Price: $44.99 (free ship, free gift)

Garnet Earrings 925 Blessed True Love Greater Sexual Energy Happiness Health More Excitement

Published on 6 Feb 2016

ebay12 030This is such a beautiful pair of earrings…great workmanship in this piece. It’s aebay12 032 true artisan creation. The stones are genuine and natural Garnet gemstones of just under 3 carats set in solid sterling silver 925,  measuring 1.45″. Garnets are powerful gemstones that carry natural attributes for success to their wearer. This jewelry amulet is a new item that has been used within the coven for about 2 months by myself,  Sister Lilith, Sister Lorraine, & Sister Mallory. It’s a piece that has proven to be a very strong blessing amulet to anyone it is blessed by. Recently, it was cleansed with white sage and recharged under a full moon by the Lone Star Coven.  The blessings these earrings hold are for:  STRONG ATTRACTION FROM MATE, REAL LOVE THAT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME, GREATER SEXUAL ENERGY, COMPASSION, HAPPINESS, HEALTHY HEART, GOOD HEALTH, SUCCESS, AND MORE EXCITEMENT IN LIFE. Price: $ 28.99  (free usa shipping, free gift)

Dichroic Glass Ring 925 6.75-7 Open 3rd Eye Reverse Negative Karma Universal Power

Published on 6 Feb 2016

ebay12 026This beautiful ring is a real treat for me to be able to list.  The High Priestess fromsoldebay12 028Lone Star Coven. She is a very empathetic witch and receives visions for many. She has also done medium and channeling work OPEN 3RD EYE, PERFECT PSYCHIC / CLAIRVOYANT ABILITIES, RECEIVING AND INTERPRETATION OF VISIONS, PAST LIFE RECALL, EMOTIONAL HEALING, GENERAL WELL BEING, REVERSAL OF NEGATIVE KARMA, NEW BEGINNINGS, CLEANSING OF AURA / CHAKRA, AND UNIVERSAL POWER TO FILL WISHES / DREAMS ALL FOR THE ASKING OF IT.  Price: $34.99  (free usa shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Banded Blue Botswana Agate Pendant 925 Blessed Good Things Manifest Good Fortune Self Love

Published on 19 Dec 2015

ebay11 233This lovely pendant is a newer item that has recently been cleansed with whitesold sage and then, blessed under a full moon by the sisters of The Lone Star Coven. The pendant is made of over 20 carats of genuine natural blue banded botswana agate gemstone.  The ornate setting is solid sterling silver 925 and it measures 1.65″, with a large bail. The pendant is beautiful but it also holds some wonderful natural Mother Earth attributes as well as the blessings we have bestowed upon it. It shall  be a wonderful amulet for some lucky wearer.  The blessings instilled within this piece are for: GOOD THIINGS MANIFEST, GOOD FORTUNE, HEALTH, SELF LOVE, CONFIDENCE, NEW FOUND STRENGTH, and SUCCESS.  Price: $29.99 $21.99 (free ship, free gift)

SOLD! Iolite Ring 925 Blessed Law of Attraction Universal Powers Divine Love Faith Healing Focus

Published on 10 Dec 2015

iolite ring 925This lovely ring has one of my favorite stones ….and, it’s not seensold very often…IOLITE!  I just love the indigo color of a pretty Iolite gemstone. The ring is being offered by myself and my coven sisters of The Lone Star Coven. We have recently held a ceremony under the full blue moon in which we cleansed this with white sage by smudging and it’s also been blessed. It is now ready for it’s new owner. The ring is ebay10 260made of natural facet cut IOLITE gemstone of 1.5 carats, set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925.  It is a size 9, and just lovely….simple, yet so elegant. The blessings attached to this  beauty are: UNIVERSAL POWERS, LAW OF ATTRACTION, STRENGTH OF THE GODDESS, DIVINE LOVE, SELF LOVE, FAITH, ABILITY TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES, HEALING,  FOCUS, and GOODNESS IN ABUNDANCE.  Price: $38.99 $28.99 (free shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Vintage Jasper Pendant 925 Blessed Protection Eliminate Negativity Overcome Illness Right The Wrong

Published on 5 Dec 2015

ebay11 132This gorgeous piece comes from an estate sale I attended 2 years ago in Southebay11 135 Texas for a fellow craft Sister named Sister Bethany.  She was a dear friend / mentor to one of my coven’s senior advisers. All of Sister Bethany’s items are very strong and powerful and this piece is no exception. It is made of polished Jasper gemstone and 925 solid sterling silver.  The bail is very big and the vintage setting is ornate and solid.  It’s really an exceptional piece.  The length is 2.5″. The pendant has been ebay11 133used within The Lone Star Coven now for a couple of years and myself, I have worn it a great deal. So, it is layered and touched by quite a few very gifted ladiessold of the craft. The pendant will long serve as a great amulet for anyone lucky enough to own it. It recently got a full recharge under the last full moon and is ready for it’s new beholder.  The blessings within are for: PROTECTION OF WARRIORS, ELIMINATE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS FEELINGS ENERGY, OVERCOME ILLNESSES, JUSTICE OF RIGHTING THE WRONG, MANIFEST CREATIVE ENERGY, RESTORE FEELINGS OF YOUTH AND ENERGY, BRINGS PASSION, AND CONNECTION WITH MOTHER EARTH. Price: $39.99 $30.99 (free shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! Goldstone Ring 925 Blessed New Wealth Universal Powers Good Things Manifest Law of Attraction

Published on 4 Dec 2015

ebay10 196This is a blessed ring is a newer piece that we have recently blessed within ourebay10 198 coven, The Lone Star Coven.  It’s a beautiful facet cut Sun Sitara Goldstone gemstone of over 13 carats set in solid sterling silver 925. It’s a very well made piece of high quality. The size is an 8.5. The ring was recently spiritually cleansed and blessed under a full moon. The blessings the ring holds are for monetary spells:  NEW FOUND WEALTH, UNIVERSAL POWERS, PROSPERITY, GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, GOOD KARMA LAW OF ATTRACTION, STRONG CASH FLOW, AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Price: $35.99  $27.99 (free ship, free gift)

SOLD! Antique Scottish Witch Estate West Germany Ring Blessed Healing Protection Adventure Opportunity Good Changes

Published on 3 Dec 2015

ebay11 072Just have a look at this beauty!  This is an antique piece that I inherited from a dear friend of mine that passed over a few years ago.  We lived together in Aberdeen, Scotland.  She was quite a bit older than I and VERY gifted in the craft.  She was definitely a strong mentor ofebay11 073 mine and someone I’ll never forget.  When she passed over I inherited many of her things and had specific instructions with them.  Some were for my possession…..others, she put her trust in me to find a good home for.  She always said she wanted to give her things to someone who would wear them & treasure them…..also, she wanted her powerful pieces to help others.  This ring is a special piece that was ebay11 101a gift from one of her mentors.  Moira loved and collected jewelry but pieces close to her heart were the rings made in W. Germany…for, she spent a few years there treating a rare disease she had.  While there, she made many friends and really came to love the country. This ring comes from her friend & spiritual mentor,sold Johanna.  The ring is a healing amulet and it worked well on Moira. I’ve held on to it for many years and used it for myself and for my coven sisters but I know that it’s now time to pass along. The ring is an antique ring from W. Germany (stamped on underside.) There is a large center stone that I believe to be blue marble agate (a healing stone of protection.) The rings that are stamped W. Germany were only made for a short time, obviously, and a long time ago, and Moira collected them. The open back underneath allows it to adjust from size 6.5 – 9.  The beautiful ring holds blessings for HEALING ENERGY, STRENGTH, SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS FROM GOD / DESS, JOY, HEALTH, ADVENTURE and OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD, HAPPINESS, and STRONG VEIL OF PROTECTION to the wearer.   This is a vintage piece and I hope the new wearer will treasure it.  I am sure that my Scottish witch friend, Moira, is with the ring, and, if you are lucky, maybe you will be fortunate enough to smell her perfume from time to time, as I have ….this way, you will know when she is with you! Price: $56.99 $39.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! Purple and Green Amethyst Pendant 925 Blessed Good Changes Healing Energy Protection Wealth Good Health

Published on 2 Dec 2015

ebay11 099Here is a stunning pendant made of both Green and Purple Amethyst gemstones. This one is approximately 17 carats green amethyst and 1.5 purple, and is facet cut.   It is set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and measures 1.65″ in length, including bail.  The LONE STAR Coven has recently blessed this pieceebay11 100 with some beautiful & very purposeful blessings for the new owner of the pendant.  These blessings are:  HEALING POWERS, RELIEF FROM INSOMNIA, PLEASANT SLEEP / DREAMS, PROTECTION FROM WOULD BE HARM DOERS, GOOD CHANGES COMING TO WEARER, FINANCIAL PROSPERITY & FINANCIAL WEALTH, GOOD HEALTH, GREATER HAPPINESS, STRONG LINE OF LOVE IN LIFE OF WEARER, & LONG LIFE.  What a wonderful piece for any Goddess….would make a great gift, too!  PRICE: $38.99 $29.99 (free gift and usa shipping)

2nd Website & Etsy Items

Published on 24 Nov 2015

malachite peridot earrings 925Feel free to have a gander at a few other of my listings here, citrineperidotring  & here,    I will also be adding more items here in the days to come.  Yule is approaching, quickly!



FURTHER REDUCED! Lapis Earrings 925 Blessed Good Fortune Healing Energy New Opportunities Brings Riches Law of Attraction

Published on 2 Nov 2015

lapis pearl earrings 925This beautiful pair of earrings is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  What a lovely color and gemstone combination … they are made of genuine Lapis Lazuli accented by River Pearls, set in solid sterling silver 925.  They measure 2″ in length and are of high quality workmanship. The coven & I have cleansed and blessed this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last months full moon! The blessings infused into this are for: GOOD FORTUNE, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, HEALING ENERGY, LOYALTY / FIDELITY FROM MATE, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, MORE EXCITEMENT IN LIFE, LESS STRESS, GREATER TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH, & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of haunted jewelry, just know this is a very POWERFUL piece!  The earrings are just GORGEOUS too! This piece is surely of great value, spiritually. SALE Price $23.19  $18.99 (free shipping, free gift) 

FURTHER REDUCED! Mala Bead Bracelet Blessed Spiritual Strength Tranquility Repel Negative Energy Stress & Anxiety Fresh Start

Published on 27 Oct 2015

This bracelet is a special piece being offered by The Lone Star Coven.  Many years ago I lived in various ebay9 423parts of the world for a few years and I studied many religions.  One of my favorite pieces (symbolically) ebay9 422were mala beads.  I have a few of my own that I’m not ready to part with. This one is a newer piece that I found through an overseas vendor and The Lone Star Coven sisters and I have blessed it.  The bracelet has 27 mala beads as well as a center Turquoise stone and red coral accents. It will fit up to an 8″ wrist. One should think of mala beads as a buddhist rosary. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of adeity. This sadhana (practice) is known in Sanskrit as japa.  Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beads are used. Some practitioners use malas of 21 or 28 beads for doing prostrations. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas are mainly used to count mantras. These ebay9 424mantras can be recited for different purposes linked to working with mind. The material used to make the beads can vary according to the purpose of the mantras used. Some beads can be used for all purposes and all kinds of mantras. Within the Buddhist tradition, this repetition of the beads serves to remind practitioners of the teaching that it is possible to break the cycle of birth and death. These beads have been blessed by The Lone Star Coven sisters for: SPIRITUAL STRENGTH, ATTAINING SPIRITUAL ASCENSION DURING MEDITATION, TRANQUILITY / INNER CALM, DISPEL NEGATIVITY STRESS & ANXIETY, FRESH START,  LIFE GUIDANCE, CLEAR MIND, & PEACE. SALE Price: $18.39 $13.99 (free shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Rainbow Moonstone Blue Topaz Earrings 925 Blessed Self Healing Good Fortune Good Change Coming

Published on 27 Oct 2015

What a glowing & energized pair of earrings these are!  They are made of Genuine ebay10 021RAINBOW MOONSTONES of over 6 carats, with dangling Blue Topaz stones for accents. The earrings are very ornate and high quality. They are set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925, and they measure 1.6″ and are the perfect weight.  Insold addition, they are blessed by the coven sisters & I with some amazing blessings, and were recently given a strong charge at our last full moon ceremony. The blessings these beauties hold are for:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORMGOOD CHANGES COMING TO WEARER, SELF HEALING ENERGIES, GOOD FORTUNE, EMOTIONAL STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, TRANQUILITY, RELIEF FROM ANXIETY, HIGH LEVEL OF MEDITATION ABILITY, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTION.  What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! SALE Price: $23.99 $19.99 (free shipping, free gift)

FURTHER REDUCED! Rainbow Topaz Ring 925 Blessed Good Fortune Spiritual Intuition Financial Well Being Good Things Manifest Protection

Published on 19 Oct 2015

ebay9 335Here is another beautiful item being offered by my coven sisters and I at Theebay9 336 Lone Star Coven. It has recently been cleansed with a white sage smudging and recharged under the most recent FULL MOON. The ring has been within our coven now for about 6 months and has a great energy. It was recently recharged under the most recent full moon and is ready for it’s new owner. The ring itself is a 14 ct Rainbow Topaz gemstone. It’s set in hallmarked 925 SOLID STERLING SILVER and is a size 6.5.  The prism of beautiful rainbow colors this stone gives off are just incredible…the colors move as ebay9 337your hand moves while wearing it making it a total joy to wear.  The lovely piece also holds wonderful blessings for it’s new owner. The blessings attached are : INCREASED SPIRITUAL INTUITION, HAPPINESS, GOOD FORTUNE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, GOOD HEALTH, FINANCIAL WELL BEING,  GOOD LUCK, GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, AND STRONG VEIL OF PROTECTION OVER WEARER.  Price: $28.79 $22.99 (free gift, free shipping) 

SOLD! Antique Solid Gold Gemstone Princess Harem Ring Blessed All Things Good Happiness Great Success Protection Love

Published on 16 Oct 2015

ebay9 233Now, for a very special offering from Bewitched Baubles.  This is a ring from my Great Grandmother’s estate.  Her name was Dora and she was locally famous forsold her charity work, free blessings, full house of foster & otherwise unwanted children, and she sold fabulous antiques.  I rarely will ever sell one of her items and I’ve chosen my website to showcase this special piece.  This ring is a PRINCESS HAREM ring from the 1930’s.  It was given to my Great Grandmother by her 2nd husband, Lawrence.  It was one of many treasures she had from him.  In fact, she had another Harem ring that is mine, never to be sold (it is my right hand size!)  This one is hard for me to wear because it only ebay9 234fits tightly on my left hand, & I hate seeing it sit in my jewelry re-charge box and not being worn.  This lovely bauble is one that should be worn with pride by a very special Goddess! It’s a very well made ring and it has tested by my jeweler as solid gold. There is no hallmark and I believe that to be because Grandma Dora had it re-sized and it took away the hallmark.  The current size is a 6.5.  It does test solid gold though, and I’ll honor a return if the ring should test otherwise by your jeweler.  The stones are  multiple BLUE SAPPHIRES, ONYX, GARNETS, ABALONE, TIGER EYE,ebay9 240 MOONSTONE,  & CITRINE. There are no missing or loose stones to this ring.  These rings originate in Thailand and sell upwards to $2000.  I know this one would appraise for more than I’m asking here plus there are wonderful blessings attached to the ring. It’s truly a treasure to the beholder. Multi gemstone rings sought to bring together the special properties of many gemstones in one ring or other jewel. The princess ring is a classic example of an antique style multi gemstone ring. The ring has many ebay9 239layers of gemstones and is conical in shape. A wonderful addition to any collection! Here are the blessings infused within: CREATIVE ENERGY & EXPANSIVE TALENTS, LAW ATTRACTION WILLING ALL THINGS GOOD & POSITIVE INTO LIFE OF WEARER, TRUE JOY & HAPPINESS FOR BEHOLDER, PROTECTION OF ANGELS, BANISH ALL NEGATIVITY & WOULD BE HARM DO-ERS, GREAT SUCCESS, GIFT OF CLAIRVOYANCE TO WEARER, WISDOM OF AN OLD SOUL, LIFE FULL OF ADVENTURE & UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, & GREAT LOVE FROM ONE TRUE MATE LASTING A LIFETIME.  These blessings are such joyous ones and they are cohesive with the stones in the ring.  I know that whomever purchases this ring will love it the way it was intended.  It would make a lovely Yule gift for a true Goddess!  SALE PRICE:  $399.99  $359.99 (free ship, free gift)  This is the lowest I can go on this ring.

Introducing , another website for magickal jewelry

Published on 15 Oct 2015

webphotoJust a little note to let everyone know that I’ll be listing more jewelry on a 2nd website, now.  I will still continue to list jewelry on this one as well but possibly more of my vintage / estate things.  With the holidays fast approaching, feel free to shop both sites….there is free shipping & a free gift with every purchase on both!

FURTHER REDUCED! Dominican Larimar Ring 925 9 Blessed Healing Energy Strength Happiness Success Good Things Manifest

Published on 9 Oct 2015

larimar ing 925This ring has one of the most beautiful stones…it’s Larimar from the Dominican and it is stunning! Larimar is a rare stone only found on the beaches of Barahona and the Caribbean.ebay9 054 There are just over 15 carats here, set in solid sterling silver 925. The size is a 0. The ring has been within our coven for the past year or so, and we have used it with great success. Sister Nathalye,  Sister Mallory, Sister Lilith, Sister Sylver, Sister Lorraine, Sister Jillian, and myself have all found it to be a real high energy piece! We recently cleansed it with white sage, under the most recent full blood moon, and gave it a good recharge. It holds many wonderful blessings for: EMOTIONAL HEALING & RELEASE ebay9 055OF BLOCKED EMOTIONS & BAGGAGE, NEW FOUND STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, RELIEF OF STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, SUCCESS, NURTURING LOVE, AND MANIFESTATION OF ALL THINGS GOOD.  SALE Price: $29.59 $23.99 (free shipping , free gift)

FURTHER REDUCED! Antique Red Czech Glass Rosary Salem Witch Estate Blessed Healing Protection Amulet

Published on 28 Sep 2015

Here is an antique family treasure that I inherited many years ago, along with many others from myebay9 088 Great Aunt Mary. It is an antique Red Czech Glass bead rosary with a beautiful vintage patina’d medallion and crucifex. This piece is in excellent condition. It has a very ornate crucifex with Italy ebay9 092stamped on the back.  There is a bit of tarnish which I treasure on my vintage and antique pieces.  If you want to cleanse, it is ok, spiritually speaking. The rosary is one from the large collection my Great Aunt Mary had. It is one of my favorites from her collection and it’s so much prettier than the photos.  The rosary is of a very high quality.  And, if you don’t like it, I’ll gladly take it back!  It gives off a powerful ENERGY, and would be a wonderful addition to anyones rosary collection. The great presence of this piece will DELIGHT the new owner…  This piece holds a lot of energy…you can feel it when you hold the rosary.  I’m sure my Great Aunt used this as a “sick-call” healing piece.  The winner will be getting a wonderful & blessed piece, here.  My Great Aunt Mary was a TRUE SALEM CRAFT PRACTITIONER.  She collected many things and rosaries were among them.  It is a FABULOUS piece…HIGHLY ENERGIZED as you can feel the power when you hold it in your hand! My Great Aunt, ebay9 090Mary Barrett O’Day survived the hangings of Salem and the hangings that occurredmarypicenhanced in many parts of the world, as she was raised after the highest witch-hunting years, but she absolutely knew people who had ancestors persecuted.  She was known throughout the community as a holistic healer and she did have a halfway house for other ladies of the craft, trying to escape their fates.  She was very careful who she trusted & gave her spiritual gifts to.  Her lovely cottage is still in our family and has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, as it has been completely remodeled (all except one bedroom that was hers). This beautiful rosary was a part of my Aunt Mary’s beautiful enchanted collection.  For even though she practised the craft, she strongly believed in religion……several types, in fact.  Her Father’s side was Catholic and hence, her love of rosaries.  Of course, the greatest value is her magnificent spirit still attached.  You will feel her energy and protection the moment you hold this or wear it.  You will recieve a PHOTO of my GREAT AUNT MARY with this item.  I hope the winner will treasure it as she did and know they now own a TRUE SALEM CRAFT PRACTITIONERS TREASURE! SALE Price: $59.99 $40.99(free shipping, free gift)

FURTHER REDUCED! Solar Quartz Ring 925 Blessed Self Confidence Success Happiness Health Wealth Good Friends

Published on 18 Jul 2015

ebay7 237Such a beautiful stone, Clear Crystal Solar Quartz…. It’s seldom seen, too…really unique & lovely.ebay7 239  This piece is just over 34 carats in a solid sterling silver 925 setting. It is a size 9.  Crystal quartz has the ability to amplify anything it is near….even the natural abilities of other stones when worn together!  This one being a center stone, it will amplify the blessings within the ring, as well. The coven sisters & I have placed multiple blessings upon the wearer of this piece.  These blessings are for: SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, WEALTH, GOOD HEALTH, STRONG LOVE FROM MATE, CAREFREE ATTITUDE, ABILITY TO GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE, HARMONIOUS PERSONALITY, GOOD FRIENDS IN ABUNDANCE, FUN SURPRISES IN FUTURE, MORE ADVENTURE, & LONG LIFE. This would make anyone a wonderful gift, as well…. SALE Price: $32.49 $23.99(free gift, free usa shipping)

New Items Available on Etsy

Published on 18 May 2015

Here is a link to a few of my items I’ve recently posted on Etsy.



FURTHER REDUCED! Carnelian Ring 925 Blessed Weight Loss Willpower Anti Depression Motivation Good Health Energy

Published on 6 May 2015

ebay6 608This is a gorgeous ring made of Genuine & Natural CARNELIAN gemstone, set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925. The size is an 8. Recently, we’ve spiritually cleansed this piece and blessed it in the full moon. The blessings we have put upon this piece, here at the coven are ones that correlate to the natural attributes of the stone.  Mainly, we have infused a VERY STRONG WEIGHT LOSS blessing on this piece. It’s the same blessing I’ve used myself to lose and keepsold weight off.  In addition, there are spells for PHYSICAL ENERGY, ANTI DEPRESSION, MOTIVATION, GOOD HEALTH & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, INSPIRATION, AND WILLPOWER.  It’s a powerful combination of blessings & gemstone.  Now, here is a little information about the stone: Carnelian ebay6 610has long been used by those who work with gemstones for energy work…..Reiki Masters today still use them for helping people with their problems.  Carnelian is full of life force & vitality.  It actually STIMULATES THE METABOLISM!  It also heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, & depression.  It improves the absorption of vitamins & minerals and ensures a good supply of blood to the organs & tissues.  It is particularly useful for combating sluggishness & for invigorating the mind / body.  Carnelian is very motivational and encourages steadfastness. SALE Price: $25.74 $21.99 (free shipping, free gift)

FURTHER REDUCED! Lapis Blue Topaz Earrings 925 Blessed Good Fortune Love Healing Happiness Less Stress

Published on 4 May 2015

This beautiful pair of earrings is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  What a lovely color and ebay6 560gemstone combination … they are made of over 12 carats of genuine Lapis Lazuli accented by Blue Topaz stones, set in solid sterling silver 925.  They measure 1.5″ in length and are of high quality workmanship. The coven & I have cleansed and blessedebay6 561 this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last months full moon! The blessings infused into this are for: GOOD FORTUNE, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, HEALING ENERGY, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, MORE EXCITEMENT IN LIFE, LESS STRESS, GREATER TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH, & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of haunted jewelry, just know this is a very POWERFUL piece!  The earrings are just GORGEOUS too! This piece is surely of great value, spiritually. SALE Price $25.59  $20.99 (free shipping, free gift) 

FURTHER REDUCED! Prehnite Earrings 925 Blessed Mega Mojo Win Lotto Gamblers Luck Prosperity Good Fortune

Published on 4 May 2015

ebay6 567Here is a lovely pair of earrings that has recently been spiritually cleansed with white sage and soldblessed by the sisters of The Lone Star Coven. The earrings are just over 19 carats of genuine and natural Prehnite gemstones, set in solid sterling silver 925.  They measure 1.35″ in length. The earrings have been blessed with the following blessings for it’s new owner / wearer:  MEGA MOJO, SUCCESS, WIN LOTTERY, GAMBLERS LUCK, GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, FAST CASH, PROSPERITY, AND GOOD FORTUNE! SALE Price: $23.99  $18.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

FRESHLY BUNDLED! California White Sage Smudge Sticks ~ Blessed ~ Remove Evil Spirits ~ Cleansing Tool

Published on 7 Jul 2012


smudgestick.jpgJust a note to say that I am now carrying white sage smudge sticks from California….nice and large ones, too!  So, all of you fellow smudgers out there will be able to buy your fresh white sage right here.  For all of you new to smudging, I’ll soon be adding a blog all about it.  Basically, it’s a powerful cleansing technique from the Native North American Tradition. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.  It is the art of cleansing yourself, your baubles, your house, & your environment using simple ritual & ceremony of smoke bowl blessing.  The smoke ascends to the heavens ~ to the world of spirits ~ acting as a spiritual messenger. They are high quality California White Sage and they will be enchanted by Shaye with a blessing for Cleansing, Removing Negativity, & Evil Spirits.  Trust me once you go smudge, you’ll never go back!  When you buy one of these smudge sticks, you will get a ritual chant that friend, Shaye (Native American), taught me to go along with your smudging.  It is a chant sent out in 7 directions….Wonderful!  Price: $10.99  (free shipping, free gift)