Published on 17 Dec 2017

ebay14 2633What a beautiful Blue Fire Opal ring this is…just perfect for a magickal Goddess!  The vintage & ornate style setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it is a size 6. There are wonderful blessings attached to this beauty, as well.  It has beenebay14 2634 within our coven for a few months now and has been used by myself, Sister Jillian, Sister Lilith, Sister Sylver, and Sister Nathalye. The ring has terrific energy and was recently spiritually cleansed with white sage and recharged under a full moon by The Lone Star Coven. The blessings this piece holds are for: GREAT FEELINGS OF BEAUTY TO WEARER (visible from all her admirers), MORE SELF ESTEEM, BETTER POSTURE & ebay14 2635CARRIAGE, HEIGHTENED SENSE OF SELF WORTH, SELF FORGIVENESS & SELF LOVE, PERSONAL GROWTH, GOOD THINGS MANIFESTATION, HEALING ENERGIES TO WEARER, PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL & MENTAL ALL IN SYNC, BETTER HEALTH HABITS, MORE CLARITY & CLEARER THINKING, RELIEF FROM STRESS OR PANIC ATTACKS, & GRACE ELEGANCE & POISE SEEN BY ALL WHO KNOW WEARER.  Let your Inner Goddess out with these wonderful blessings of femininity. PRICE: $42.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Cyprus Ruby Ring 925 9 Blessed Dual Coven Love Passion Health Protection Law of Attraction Visit From Angels

Published on 6 Dec 2017

ebay14 2583Here is an item which is among a lot of enchanted jewels that the coven received from one of our sister covens, in Cyprus, recently.  Our High Priestess, Sister Mia, has a good friend & mentor that belongs to the  “Of Angels Sisterhood” there. In fact, we are in the process of trying to plan and raise funds for a trip there to share ritual time with this sisterhood. A few times a year we will trade enchantedebay14 2584 jewelry with them, there upon “layering” the jewels to have touched many of us that practice the craft of the light. This is a common practice among many and it is a thrill to have these pieces to offer now, to new wearers who will benefit from their blessings. This ring is a very special one as it comes from the High Priestess of the Of Angels Coven.  Sister Ada has worn and had this ring in her collection for about 5 years now.  It has been very well used and is full of great energy that I’m sure anyone would enjoy.  The  ring is a stately design with the center being Cyprus Ruby, surrounded by smaller rubies & white topaz gems  in an ornate setting (none missing.)   The ring has a setting of 925 solid sterling silver with little 2 tone touches of brass over the silver. The size is a 9.  It is the only one I have like it. The ebay14 2585blessings on this piece are for:  LOVE OF THE STRONGEST LEVEL, PASSION FOR LIFE & LOVEEXCELLENT HEALTH & LONG LIFE LINE, STRONG VEIL OF PROTECTION OVER WEARER, BLESSINGS OF HEALTH, ABILITY TO USE LAW OF ATTRACTION TO CONNECT WITH UNIVERSE, VISITS FROM ANGELS, HEIGHTENED SPIRITUAL ABILITIES, PROSPEROUS LIFE,INNER PEACE & HAPPINESS, & RENEWED FAITH IN EVERYTHING. The energy of this ring is strong and the new owner will immediately sense it. We have been using this ring, within The Lone Star Coven, as a blessing amulet for about a month now and it has given terrific results.  We recently gave it a strong recharge under the fullest moon.  Price: $74.99 (free shipping, free gift)

HUGE Sale at Texas Gypsy Jewelry Website – FREE SHIP FREE GIFT 3 FREE BLESSINGS!

Published on 3 Dec 2017

GJ66 [640x480]Everything 50% – 75% off on my Texas Gypsy Jewelry website! …  3GJ86 FREE BLESSINGS, FREE SHIPPING & a FREE GIFT with each purchase! Almost all listings here
have just 1 more item available so get what you want now! Everything seen here can be blessed up to 3 blessings FREE!  All blessings may be found on my blessings page (go to lined menu at top left page, mobile, top right page on desktop)  Just email via my contact page regarding 3 GJ51blessings & name / birth date of wearer, or in paypal payment notes. DOUBLE CLICK photos to enlarge.  There are several pages ofGJ72 jewelry so, if using mobile, go up to the lined menu top left of page to open the other pages.  Blessed jewelry makes wonderful gifts for anyone (even yourself!) Thank you, happy shopping, & BLESSED YULE!

138 CT Labradorite Bracelet Blessed Open 3rd Eye Law of Attraction Mojo Happiness Universal Power

Published on 22 Oct 2017

ebay14 2233This beautiful bracelet is one of our newer pieces and was just cleansed with white sage and blessed under the most recent full moon by The Lone Star Coven. It is a high quality jewel from a reputable vendor. It has only been in our coven for a few months but its energy is amazing! The bracelet is just over 138 carats of genuine and natural flashing Labradorite gemstone…and, it so much glow and flash in this high quality gemstone! The setting is gold tone with a toggle clasp andebay14 2230 it will fit up to a 7.5″ wrist. Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Labradorite may ebay14 2231also be used to stimulate imagination, develop new ideas and enthusiasm, and to see more clearly through meditation. As for the blessings, they are: LAW OF ATTRACTION, OPEN 3rd EYE, RECEIVE VISIONS, ALLURE, DESIRABILITY, REVERSE HEX, AIR OF MYSTIQUE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, UNIVERSAL POWER, MORE MOJO, AND GENERAL WELLNESS / HAPPINESS. Price: $22.99 (free shipping, free gift)

2nd Website Just Launched In Time For Holiday Shopping

Published on 21 Oct 2017

GJ web pic 6Please visit my 2nd website: today for aGJ web pic 5 different type of jewelry experience.  There are multiple pages of jewelry so be sure, if mobile, to use the top left menu to navigate. Also, FREE SHIPPING, there …. AND, if you’d like me to bless your items, I will be happy spiritually cleanse with white sage and add up to 3 blessings for FREE, too…will just need to know name and birth date of person to be blessed and the blessings. To start, I’ll be offering one of each but if things go well, I’ll begin to order GJ web pic 2multiples :)   Thank you, & blessings bright! RobinGJ web pic 3

Gold Topaz Ring 925 Blessed Open 3rd Eye Hands on Healing Universe Guidance Visions

Published on 23 Sep 2017

z gold topaz ringThis magickal ring has a great classic style and the facet cut stone has great colorz gold top ring and clarity! This is a gold topaz gemstone of over 5 carats set in solid sterling 925 silver.  It is a size 9. This amulet has been a favorite “go to” piece by our High Priestess, Sister Mia, as well as Sister Lilith. It really has a strong energy that may be felt immediately upon wear. The Lone Star Coven has recently spiritually cleansed this piece with white sage and then, blessed it under the most recent full moon. The blessings it holds are for:  SPIRITUAL ASCENSION, OPENING OF 3RD EYE, PSYCHIC ebay14 2047ENHANCEMENT AND GROWTH, ABILITY TO LEARN HANDS ON HEALING, SOLITARY PRACTICE GUIDANCE FROM UNIVERSE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, UNIVERSAL POWERS, PROTECTION, AND ABILITY TO RECEIVE VISIONS OF HELP WHEN NEEDED. This would be a wonderful piece for anyone on their personal spiritual journey. Price: $37.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

Blue Topaz Stud Earrings 925 Blessed Connect With Angels Self Growth Spiritual Guidance Manifest Good

Published on 23 Sep 2017

z blue topaz earringsHere is a beautiful pair of earrings full of wondrous color! They’re made of approximately .75 carat of facet cut BLUE TOPAZ gemstones set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925, stud / stem / post back design.   In addition to the gemstone’s natural beauty, they are full of rich blessings from The LONE STAR Coven.  We recently recharged them under the new moon, as well, so the energy is strong. These blessings are for: DEEP MEDITATIONAL HEALING, ATTUNING TO HIGHER SELF, LIVING OUT YOUR OWN ASPIRATIONS & DREAMS, CONNECT WITH YOUR ANGEL GUIDES, PSYCHIC ENHANCEMENT & GROWTH, ASSISTANCE IN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, SELF GROWTH, PROSPEROUS LIFE FINANCIALLY & IN HAPPINESS, & MANIFESTATION AND ABUNDANCE OF GOOD THINGS.   PRICE: $29.99  (free shipping, free gift)

Rainbow Moonstone Earrings 925 Blessed New Beginnings Good Changes Healing Energy Law of Attraction

Published on 7 Sep 2017

z moonstone earringsWhat a glowing & energized pair of earrings these are!  They are made of Genuine RAINBOW MOONSTONES. The earrings have a great color to them and you canebay14 1987 feel their energy. They are set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and measure 1.5″ in length.  In addition, they are blessed by the coven sisters & I with some amazing blessings, and were recently given a strong charge at our last full moon ceremony. The blessings these beauties hold are for:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORMGOOD CHANGES COMING TO WEARER, SELF HEALING ENERGIES, EMOTIONAL STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, FRESH START, HIGH LEVEL OF MEDITATION ABILITY, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTION.  What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! Price: $34.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Peruvian Opal Heart Pendant 925 Blessed Open 3rd Eye Connect With Angels Spiritual Guidance Divine Love

Published on 7 Sep 2017

z peruvian blue opal heartThis beautiful pendant is so exquisite and so one of a kind.  It is made of a Peruvian Opal cut in the shape of a heart.  The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it measures 1.2″ X 1″. The pattern and colors of the gem are so Earthy.  The pendant has recently been blessed during the recent full moon. It was spiritually cleansed with white sage before the blessing and it’s now ready forebay14 1947 it’s new owner. The pendant is blessed with the following blessings: OPENING OF 3RD EYE, PSYCHIC POWERS, VISIONS OF FUTURE, PAST LIFE RECALL, ABILITY TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS, PROTECTION OF ANGELS, DIVINE LOVE, INCREASED SENSITIVITY TO THE PARANORMAL, INCREASED ABILITY TO HEAL OTHERS & SELF, SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE, & UNIVERSAL POWERS. The ring itself is a size 7, blue fire & white opal, set in Solid Sterling Silver 925.  It’s a beautiful touched piece, ready to help another with it’s strong gifts.  All of Sister Saras things also inhabit her wonderful spirit, which is kind and calming.  This is a ring meant for a Goddess! Price: $44.99 (free gift, free shipping)

SOLD! Labradorite Ring 925 7.5 Blessed Open 3rd Eye Reverse Hex Universal Power Law of Attraction

Published on 6 Sep 2017

This beautiful ring is one of our newer pieces and was just cleansed with white sage and blessed z lab ringunder a new moon by The Lone Star Coven. It is a high quality jewel from a reputable vendor. It has only been in our coven for a few months but its energy is amazing! The ring is just over 55 carats of genuine and natural flashing Labradorite gemstone…and, it so much glow and flash in this high quality gemstone! The setting is solid sterling silver 925, and it is a size 8. Labradorite issold a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Labradorite may also be used to stimulate imagination, develop new ideas and enthusiasm, and to see more clearly through meditation. As for the blessings, they are: LAW OF ATTRACTION, OPEN 3rd EYE, RECEIVE VISIONS, ALLURE, DESIRABILITY, REVERSE HEX, AIR OF MYSTIQUE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, UNIVERSAL POWER, MORE MOJO, AND GENERAL WELLNESS / HAPPINESS. Price: $40.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Rainbow Moonstone Ring 925 SZ 10 Blessed New Beginnings Fresh Start Universal Powers Law of Attraction

Published on 27 Aug 2017

What a glowing & energized ring this is…and, such good quality!  It is made of a Genuine & Natural  ebay14 1912Rainbow Moonstone cabochon gemstone, set in solid 925 Sterling Silver, Size 10.ebay14 1913  This ring is made by a local artisan and has been used within the coven for about 9 months now, with great success. The ring was spiritually cleansed with white sage and blessed under a full moon with these following blessings:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORM, POSITIVE THINGS MANIFEST, LIFE TRANSFORMATION, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, GREATER HAPPINESS, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTIONMoonstone is the stone of the GODDESS. It is a “stone of new beginnings”.  As it’s name suggests, it is strongly connected to moon and to the intuition. Like the moon, the stone is reflective & reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so ebay14 1915everything is part of a cycle of change.  This change can bring aboutebay14 1915 great things &  much prosperity. It’s most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions.  It can encourage lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon.  Moonstone has traditionally been used to enhance psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance.  It can be worn as an amulet of protection & to encourage acceptance of your psychic gifts.  Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energies and can calm overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. Emotionally, Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions.  It improves emotional intelligence.  It provides deep emotional healing & heals disorders of the digestive tract that are related to emotional stress.  It is also used for insomnia and can prevent sleepwalking………wow, all that from Mother Earth! What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! Price: $38.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Snowflake Obsidian Pendant 925 Blessed Emotional Grounding Strength Courage Success Good Change Ahead

Published on 21 Jun 2017

ebay14 1426Here is a lovely pendant called Snowflake Obsidian Jasper, nicknamed Apacheebay14 1425 Tears gemstone. The gem is genuine and natural and over 23 carats in total weight. The setting is solid sterling silver 925 and it measures 1.5″ in length. The lone star coven sisters have recently spiritually cleansed this with white sage and then, blessed it under the full moon. The blessings the pendant bestows for the new owner / wearer are for: EMOTIONAL GROUNDING, STRENGTH, COURAGE, OVERCOME OBSTACLES WITH TENACITY AND SUCCESS, PHYSICAL WELL BEING, HEALING, AND GOOD CHANGES AHEAD. Price: $28.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

Artisan made Carnelian Ring 925 Blessed Weight Loss Good Health Willpower Motivation Anti Depression

Published on 21 Jun 2017

z carnelian ringThis is a gorgeous hand made ring (made by a local artisan) of Genuine & Naturalebay14 1420 CARNELIAN gemstones, set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925. The size is a 9.5. Recently, we’ve spiritually cleansed this piece and blessed it in the full moon. The blessings we have put upon this piece, here at the coven are ones that correlate to the natural attributes of the stone.  Mainly, we have infused a VERY STRONG WEIGHT LOSS blessing on this piece. It’s the same blessing I’ve used myself to lose and keep weight off.  In addition, there are spells for PHYSICAL ENERGY, ANTI DEPRESSION, MOTIVATION, GOOD HEALTH & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, INSPIRATION, AND WILLPOWER.  It’s a powerful combination of blessings & gemstone.  Now, here is a little ebay14 1421information about the stone: Carnelian has long been used by those who work with gemstones for energy work…..Reiki Masters today still use them for helping people with their problems.  Carnelian is full of life force & vitality.  It actually STIMULATES THE METABOLISM!  It also heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, & depression.  It improves the absorption of vitamins & minerals and ensures a good supply of blood to the organs & tissues.  It is particularly useful for combating sluggishness & for invigorating the mind / body.  Carnelian is very motivational and encourages steadfastness. PRICE: $36.99 (free shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! 26 CT Lapis Lazuli Earrings 925 Blessed Healing Energy Brings Riches Spiritual Awakening Law of Attraction

Published on 30 May 2017

z lapis earringsThis beautiful pair of earrings is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  What a lovely color and gemstone combinationebay14 1234 … they are made of over 26 carats of genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstones, set in solid sterling silver 925.  They measure 1.5″ in length and are of high quality workmanship. The coven & I have cleansed and blessed this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last months full moon! The blessings infused into this are for: GOOD FORTUNE, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, HEALING,ENERGY, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, MORE EXCITEMENT IN LIFE, LESS STRESS, GREATER TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH, & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of haunted jewelry, just know this is a very enchanted piece!  The earrings are just GORGEOUS too! REDUCED Price: $23.99 $29.99 (free shipping, free gift) 

REDUCED! Hand Carved Moon Face Ring Blessed 8.5 Positive Life Change Connect With Goddess Universal Powers

Published on 1 Apr 2017

ebay14 550This is a gorgeous ring and one that has been used within our coven for about a few months now. It is a hand carved moon face ringz moon ring in a size 8.5 and is set in solid sterling silver 925. It’s a high quality piece and one of a kind as it is carved by hand.  There are some magickal blessings infused into the piece.  These blessings have helped many of our clients with their powers of good.  Recently, we have cleansed it with white sage and recharged under a full moon. It’s full of good energy and has the ability to really bring good change to it’s wearers life. The blessings it holds ebay14 551are for: FEELINGS OF BEAUTY, PHYSICAL ENERGY & OVERALL WELL BEING, POSITIVE LIFE CHANGE TRANSFORMATION, GREATER SELF ESTEEM & SELF LOVE, CONNECTION WITH THE GODDESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, LAW OF ATTRACTION, PEACE & TRANQUIL MIND, GOOD HEALTH, AND LONGEVITY.  It has also been used by my coven sister, Nathalye, to help her with channeling and medium work. So, it could be beneficial to anyone wanting to contact someone that has crossed over. REDUCED Price: $ 28.99 $39.99 (free shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz Ring 925 Blessed New Beginnings Love Success Protection Strength

Published on 13 Sep 2016

ebay13-2548This ring is so glorious….I just love the stone. It is called Golden Hair Rutilatedebay13-2549 Quartz and this stone is over 10 carats, genuine and natural.  The name comes from the gold strands running through the gemstone. The setting is high quality solid sterling silver 925, hallmarked, size 8.  The ring is a gently touched piece has been used within our coven for about 8 months now, used mainly by Sister Lorraine, Sister Sylver, Sister Jillian, and myself, and is a great amulet for blessings to its wearer. The ring has recently been cleansed spiritually with white sage and re-charged under the full ebay13-2550blood moon. The blessings the piece holds for the new wearer are for: GENERAL WELLNESS / GOOD HEALTH, NEW BEGINNINGS, SURROUND WEARER WITH LOVE FROM MANY, SUCCESS IN ALL ENDEAVORS, PROTECTION FROM WOULD BE HARM-DOERS, RICH & FULL LIFE, STRENGTH WHEN NEEDED, SELF APPRECIATION, AND RELIEF FROM STRESS GUILT OR ANGUISH. Price: $31.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! Spiral Goddess Wooden Recharge & Protection Box for Blessed Jewelry

Published on 27 Jun 2016

ebay13 1681This is another lovely offering from the Sisters of The Lone Starebay13 1683 Coven, and it is one of our most popular items! We have recently held a full moon ceremony in which we smudged this with white sage, cleansing it.  Now, it is ready for their new owner / wearer. This item is really different…beautiful & purposeful!   It’s a Jewelry / Trinket box with so much symbolism!  It is made in India from hand carved sheshamwood, and measures 7″ X 4.5″ X 2.5″.  It has the Spiral Goddess hand carved on the top in exquisite design. The  topside & bottom side is lined at the bottom with a felt ebay13 1682type material.  Jewelry in photo not part of sale. Atop the box, is theebay13 1685 Spiral Goddess of the Universe symbol.  Take a moment to breathe deeply and slowly. The Goddess is within each of us. Listen to your inner wisdom and walk a path that nourishes your spirit. Everytime you celebrate the Goddess, it is an affirmation of your life, the planet, your heritage, and the future. Ancient wisdom and an understanding of female divinity are re-appearing. We, as a sacred people are beginning to remember simplicity, community and sanity. Take that part of yourself that is buried deep inside you, and spiral it into the world. Dare to be who you truly are. Your deepest essence is ebay13 1686humanity and power. You are a spark of light in the Universe, nurture your inner flame of unique brilliance and dare to shine. There is no one else anywhere, exactly like You. There are gifts and skills you have, that are needed in the World, share them…I am the eternal Goddess, All races are my children, All genders are my children, All creatures are my children, All time is my domain , My body is the Earth
Reverence me and mine….. This box is p
erfect for tarot safe keeping, or for placing your enchanted jewels in for re-charging.  The box will be a perfect holding vessel for your enchanted jewelry.  By placing your jewels in overnight you will be recharging the enchantments that are instilled into each piece.  It also has a protective property to it as well…this will permeate to all of the jewels contained herein.  REDUCED Price: $42.99 (free shipping, domestic, free gift)

REDUCED! Seraphinite Pendant 925 Blessed Restore Health Connect With Angel Realm More Physical Energy

Published on 19 May 2016

ebay13 1120What a lovely pendant this is….I LOVE this stone.  It’s not a common gemstone that you see everywhere but the colors / patterns are unmistakable!  The stone here is Seraphinite and this is over 42  carats of it set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925. It measures 1.65″ in length. The Lone Star Coven has blessed this piece under a full moon ceremony. The blessings of which it holds are ones that correlate to the gem meaning of seraphinite. This stone is especiallyebay13 1119 beautiful with its silvery white shimmering patterns on a sea green background. It’s name is derived from the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order) and this stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm Seraphinite promotes regeneration and self healing. The blessings in this pendant are: RESTORE HEALTH / BALANCE, CONNECTING WITH THE ANGEL REALM, LIVING FROM THE HEART, GREATER PHYSICAL ENERGY & STRENGTH, PSYCHIC AWAKENING, & GREATER ABILITY TO ATTRACT AS WELL AS GIVE LOVE.  Price: $31.99 (free gift, free shipping)