Calsilica Pendant 925 Blessed Good Things Manifest Universal Powers Attract Prosperity Etc.

Published on 21 Apr 2017

z rainbow calsilicaHere is a unique and beautiful gemstone that one doesn’t see very often. It’sebay14 922 called Rainbow Calsilica. This pendant is over 33 carats and is set in solid sterling silver 925. It’s a real quality piece, measuring 1.5″ long. The Lone Star Coven has recently cleansed this jewel with white sage under a full moon. Then, we infused some wonderful blessings into it for the new owner / wearer. The blessings on this beautiful ring are for: GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, BRING ON THE MOJO, LAW OF ATTRACTION, UNIVERSAL POWERS, ATTRACT PROSPERITY, AND ENHANCED SPIRITUAL / PSYCHIC INTUITION. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone and can also be a very unisex piece. This one is guaranteed to bring many compliments, too!  Why not add a little magick to your life? PRICE: $33.99 (free gift, free shipping, domestic)

Blessed Iolite Earrings 925 Universal Powers Law of Attraction Healing Goodness in Abundance

Published on 20 Apr 2017

z iolite earringsThis lovely pair of earrings has one of my favorite stones ….and, it’s not seenebay14 910 very often…IOLITE!  I just love the indigo color of a pretty Iolite gemstone. The earrings are being offered by myself and my coven sisters of The Lone Star Coven. We have recently held a ceremony under the full blue moon in which we cleansed this with white sage by smudging and it’s also been blessed. These are now ready for ebay14 912their new owner. The earrings are made of natural facet cut IOLITE gemstone of 1.5 carats total weight, set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925.  They are the stud / stem design, and just lovely….simple, yet so elegant. The blessings attached to this  beauty are: UNIVERSAL POWERS, LAW OF ATTRACTION, STRENGTH OF THE GODDESS, DIVINE LOVE, SELF LOVE, FAITH, ABILITY TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES, HEALING,  FOCUS, and GOODNESS IN ABUNDANCE.  Price: $35.99 (free shipping, free gift)

SOLD! Rhodochrosite Ring 925 SZ 8.5 Blessed Open Heart 2 Love Emotional Healing Passion Self Love

Published on 2 Apr 2017

This is such a pretty ring, with one of my favorite (and most underrated)
gemstones… It is 
made up of Natural & Genuine RHODOCHROSITE z rhodochrosite ringgemstone…approximately 9 carats to be exact. The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925, very well made, and it is a size 8.5. Perhaps the best thing about this beautiful piece of jewelry is the wonderful multiple blessings The LONE STAR Coven has blessed it with.  They are relative to the stone’s own natural powers and are all very rich blessings for the bracelet’s new owner.  These blessings are:  OPEN HEART TO RECEIVE LOVE, GUIDANCE TO REAL LOVE & IDEAL MATE, HEALING OF OLDebay14 685 EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, NEW FOUND CREATIVE ENERGY, HEALTHY HEART, MORE PHYSICAL & MENTAL ENERGY FLOWING THROUGH BODY, PASSION, SELF LOVE, MORE COMPASSION FOR OTHERS, DECREASED STRESS & ANXIETY, & ABUNDANCE OF LOVE IN LIFE OF WEARER.  Here is a bit of information regarding the natural attributes of rhodochrosite:  Sacred for the Incas, rhodochrosite was known as “Inca Stone.” It has also been called a “stone of love and ebay14 686balance” and is thought to awaken a need to give and receive tenderness and love.  It is said to promote creativity and reduce tendencies towards avoidance and denial, helping one to accept and integrate new ideas.  Rhodochrosite promotes smooth energysold flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion, and self love.  It helps us live up to our spiritual beliefs.  It can help with any problems concerning the heart, both emotional and physical it is said to be useful to those who wish to heal old emotional wounds and for stabilizing the heart & pulse rate.   Rhodochrosite has been useful for treating problems with the respiratory tract, digestion, circulation and liver as well as cancer related diseases and stress situations.  PRICE: $32.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

Hand Carved Moon Face Ring Blessed 8.5 Positive Life Change Connect With Goddess Universal Powers

Published on 1 Apr 2017

ebay14 550This is a gorgeous ring and one that has been used within our coven for about a few months now. It is a hand carved moon face made out of camel bone. The ringz moon ring is a size 8.5 and is set in solid sterling silver 925. It’s a high quality piece and one of a kind as it is carved by hand.  There are some magickal blessings infused into the piece.  These blessings have helped many of our clients with their powers of good.  Recently, we have cleansed it with white sage and recharged under a full moon. It’s full of good energy and has the ability to really bring good change to it’s wearers life. The blessings it holds ebay14 551are for: FEELINGS OF BEAUTY, PHYSICAL ENERGY & OVERALL WELL BEING, POSITIVE LIFE CHANGE TRANSFORMATION, GREATER SELF ESTEEM & SELF LOVE, CONNECTION WITH THE GODDESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, LAW OF ATTRACTION, PEACE & TRANQUIL MIND, GOOD HEALTH, AND LONGEVITY.  It has also been used by my coven sister, Nathalye, to help her with channeling and medium work. So, it could be beneficial to anyone wanting to contact someone that has crossed over. Price: $39.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Dominican Larimar Gemstone Ring Blessed Healing Brings Success Manifests Good Things

Published on 22 Mar 2017

z larimar ringThis ring has one of the most beautiful stones…it’s Larimar from the Dominicanebay14 654 and it is stunning! Larimar is a rare stone only found on the beaches of Barahona and the Caribbean. There are just over 8 carats here, set in solid sterling silver 925. The size is a 7.5. The ring has been within our coven for the past year or so, and we have used it with great success. Sister Nathalye,  Sister Mallory, Sister Lilith, Sister Sylver, Sister Lorraine, Sister Jillian, and myself have all found it to be a real high ebay14 653energy piece!  For me personally I have quite enjoyed it’s healing effects and I believe it’s brought me success & manifestation of many good things. We recently cleansed it with white sage, under the most recent full blood moon, and gave it a good recharge. It holds many wonderful blessings for: EMOTIONAL HEALING & RELEASE OF BLOCKED EMOTIONS & BAGGAGE, NEW FOUND STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, RELIEF OF STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, SUCCESS, NURTURING LOVE, AND MANIFESTATION OF ALL THINGS GOOD.  $38.99 (free shipping , free gift)

SOLD! Natural Citrine Ring 925 7.5 Blessed Brings Happiness Prosperity Joy Wealth Banishes Negativity

Published on 6 Mar 2017

This ring is SO LOVELY!  It is made of over 4  carats natural Citrine gemstone, set in SOLID STERLING 925 SILVER.  It is a size 7.5 ….a high quality piece. This is a ebay14 567 ebay14 565piece that has been blessed by The LONE STAR Coven during the last full moon and is ready for it’s new owner.  The ring was blessed along with the natural attributes that Citrine gemstone carries. It has also been used by several of us within the coven.  Sister Lorraine, Sister Lilith, Sister Jillian, and myself have all used this ring as an amulet.  It has a great vibration and makes me feel happy. The energy from these stones is strong and the stones are of great quality! This ring will bring the next wearer blessings of:  GREAT JOY FROM LIFE, HIGH DEGREE OF MONETARY WEALTH, EXTREME POSITIVE OUTCOMES IN ALL HAPPENINGS & EMOTIONS, ATTRACTING MUCH PROSPERITY, TRUE HAPPINESS,  BANISHES NEGATIVITY, MORE LAUGHTER TO WEARER,  ATTRACTING POSITIVE PEOPLE & INFLUENCES IN YOUR LIFE, EXPELLING STRESS & ANXIETY, MORE SELF LOVE & HIGHER GOALS, GOOD HEALTH LEADING TO A LONG AND PROSPEROUS LIFE, & MANIFESTING YOUR OWN ebay14 566GOODNESS to the wearer.  These are all spells which the stone has a naturalsold element to impart.  To the wearer, this will mean a new feeling of light heart & joy.  You will find that you no longer “sweat the small stuff”.  Your new outlook will have you smiling more, frowning less and actually enjoying every day to it’s fullest.  If you have negativity around you, it will all begin to dissipate.  Here is a little extra information about this WONDERFUL Stone from MOTHER EARTH !!!  CITRINE is a powerful cleanser & regenerator.  Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone.  It is warming, energizing & highly creative.  This is ONE of the crystals that never needs cleansing.  It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy.  Citrine is one of the stones of abundance….teaching us how to manifest & attract wealthy, prosperity & good things.  Citrine is a happy stone that helps you hold on to your wealth.  It has the power to impart joy to all who behold it.  Gloom & negativity have no place around Citrine.  It is a useful stone for smoothing family discord.  Psychologically, Citrine raises self-esteem & confidence.  In enhances individuality, improves motivation & encourages self-expression.  Mentally, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears & phobias. It is also a wonderful healer.This piece is just the perfect addition to anyone’s enchanted jewelry collection.   Price: $36.99 ( free gift, free shipping )

Powerful Red Stone Warlock Ring Blessed for Channeling to Crossed Spirits Open 3rd Eye Receive Visions

Published on 4 Mar 2017

ebay14 545Here is a very special piece that The Lone Star Coven is happy to offer. The ring is not an antique but it is near vintage status and has been “touched” by at last male craft practitioners (Warlocks) as well as having been used by our High Priestess, Sister Mia. We know the ring goes back to 1994 as that is when a mentor of Sister Mia’s husband attained it. Brother Allan was the first owner ofebay14 546 the ring that we are aware of.  He has crossed over but is believed to still have energy within the ring as Sister Mia has made connection with him through it. After this, it was used by Sister Mia’s husband and also by Sister Mia.  The ring is a very powerful amulet for helping people get in touch with spirits (angels) who’ve crossed to the other side.  It is also great for opening the 3rd eye and it’s blessed to help the wearer receive visions of of past, current, and even future happenings in life.  The ring is a size ebay14 5489.5 and is made of 925 sterling silver.  There is some fancy scrolling on the sides and a facet cut red stone that is likely Czech glass or simulated Garnet.  I don’t believe the Garnet to be real just because there are absolutely no inclusions.  It isebay14 547 in great condition and is a heavy piece.  The ring will likely bring an immediate dizziness (or even a warm / cool sensation) to the sensitive.  Not to worry, however, as this is normal with strong amulets.  It will subside with wear.  I know the recipient of this great ring is going to benefit from it greatly.  Price: $76.99 (free gift, free shipping)

58CT Ruby Zoisite Pendant 925 Blessed Cleanse Negative Energy Psychic Awareness Good Health

Published on 28 Feb 2017

ebay14 485This pendant holds a wonderful gemstone that a favorite of mine because it is very underrated.  The gemstone is Ruby Zoisite and this one is about 58 carats with a lovely pattern. The setting is SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 and it measures 1.55″.   There is a gorgeous and ornate setting around the stone makingebay14 484 this a very unique piece and prominent piece.  The blessings this  pendant contains are for: CLEANSE BODY OF TOXIN & NEGATIVE ENERGY, INCREASED PSYCHIC AWARENESS, PHYSICAL ENERGY & CREATIVITY, EMOTIONAL RELIEF FROM MENTAL BLOCKAGE, POSITIVE OUTLOOK & GOOD MENTAL HEALTH & ebay14 486CLARITY, GREATER AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS & 6TH SENSE TO RECOGNIZE HARM DOERS, SELF ATTRACTION OF PROSPEROUS LIFE, RELIEF FROM STRESS / ANXIETY, HEALING ENERGIES,& GOOD HEALTH. What wonderful blessings this piece contains. It was recently cleansed & blessed under a FULL MOON Coven Ceremony. It would not at all be unusual to experience a light headed feeling, warm / cool sensations, or dizziness upon first wearing the pendant… is that powerful!  The pendant holds the power to change lives! PRICE: 36.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant 925 Blessed New Beginnings Transformation Good Changes Healing Universal Powers

Published on 12 Dec 2016

ebay13-3464What a glowing & energized pendant this is!  It is made of a Genuine & Natural 27ebay13-3465 Carat Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Gemstone, set in solid sterling silver 925.  The pendant measures 1.5″ and is very ornate and well made with a Rubylite stone accent.  In addition, this beauty is  blessed by the coven sisters & I with some amazing blessings, and was recently given a strong charge at our last full moon ceremony. The ebay13-3466blessings this gorgeous piece hold are for:  NEW BEGINNINGS & ABILITY TO TRANSFORMGOOD CHANGES COMING TO WEARER, SELF HEALING ENERGIES, EMOTIONAL STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, TRANQUILITY, RELIEF FROM ANXIETY, HIGH LEVEL OF MEDITATION ABILITY, PRAYERS ANSWERED FROM GOD/DESS, UNIVERSAL POWERS, & LAW OF ATTRACTION.  What a great combination of gemstone & blessings! Price: $33.99 (free shipping, free gift)

Smoky Topaz Earrings 925 Blessed Spiritual Ascension Open 3rd Eye Psychic Growth Law of Attraction

Published on 30 Sep 2016

ebay13-2779This magickal pair of earrings has a great classic style and the gemstones have great color and clarity! They are made of over 12 carats of Smoky Topaz gemstones, set in solid sterling 925 silver.  They measure 1.65″ in length. Thisebay13-2777 new jewelry amulet has recently been given a good spiritual cleanse with white sage and has been blessed at our weekly ritual under a full moon. It really has a strong energy that may be felt immediately upon wear. The blessings they hold are for:  SPIRITUAL ASCENSION, OPENING OF 3RD EYE, PSYCHIC ENHANCEMENT AND GROWTH, ABILITY TO LEARN HANDS ON HEALING, SOLITARY PRACTICE GUIDANCE FROM UNIVERSE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, UNIVERSAL POWERS, AND ABILITY TO RECEIVE VISIONS OF HELP WHEN NEEDED. This would be a wonderful piece for anyone on their personal spiritual journey. Price: $33.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

Cyprus Emerald Ring 925 SZ 10 Blessed Success Wealth Health Joy Peace Life Opportunities

Published on 30 Sep 2016

ebay13-2793Here is an item which is among a lot of enchanted jewels that the coven received from one of our sister covens, in Cyprus, a few months ago.  Our High Priestess, Sister Mia, has a good friend & mentor that belongs to the  “Of Angels Sisterhood” there. In fact, we are in the process of trying to plan and raise funds for a trip there (hopefully)  to share ritual time with this sisterhood. A few times a year we will trade enchanted jewelry with them, there upon “layering” the jewels to have touched many of us that practice the craft of the light. This is aebay13-2794 common practice among many and it is a thrill to have these pieces to offer now, to new wearers who will benefit from their blessings. We have been using this ring, as a blessing amulet within The Lone Star Coven.  The ring is a ebay13-2795lovely design of Cyprus Emerald surrounded by small white topaz gems  in an ornate setting.  The ring has a setting of 925 solid sterling silver with little 2 tone touches of gold. The ring is a size 10.  As it is an import, I do not have another like it. The blessings on this jewel are for: GREAT SUCCESS & LIFE ACHIEVEMENTS, HAPPY HOME LIFE WITH STRONG FAMILY BONDS, FINANCIAL WEALTH & PROSPERITY, GOOD HEALTH, JOY FROM WITHIN, PEACEFUL HEART, GREAT LIFE OPPORTUNITIES, AND LOVE IN ABUNDANCE. Price: $48.99 (free shipping, free gift)

70CT Rose Quartz Pendant 925 Blessed Love Rekindle Romance Strengthen Marriage Increased Sex Drive Happiness

Published on 17 Sep 2016

ebay13-2556Here is a lovely rose quartz pendant that is being offered by one my my Coven Sisters named Mallory.  Mallory practices spell casting to help people in the “LOVE” department, and she uses Rose Quartz often for these blessings. This very pendant has most recently been used to help to bless a new marriage and to strengthen it with fidelity to last through the years. These are the spells which have been cast by using this very pendant up for auction:   ATTRACTING GREAT LOVE TO WEARER, REKINDLES EXISTING LOVE RELATIONSHIP, STRENGTHENS MARRIAGE / RELATIONSHIPS & FIDELITY, FINDS LOST LOVE OF WEARER IF SO DESIRED, HEIGHTENS SEX DRIVE OF WEARER, INSTILLS HIGH VALUE &  MORE LOVE FOR SELF, BRINGS SINCERE JOY & HAPPINESS TO WEARER, The pendant is approximately 70 Carats of Genuine & Natural Rose Quartz gemstone  (read about stone below) of the most beautiful Baby Pink color. It measures 1.65″ inebay13-2555 length.  The setting is high quality solid sterling silver 925. ROSE QUARTZ is the stone of unconditional love & infinite peace.  It is the most important crystal for the heart & heart chakra, teaching us the true essence of love.   If you want to attract love, look no further than romantic ROSE QUARTZ.  It is so effective in drawing love & relationships toward you that it often needs amethyst to calm things down.  In existing relationships, it will restore trust & harmony, and encourage unconditional love.  Holding Rose Quartz enhances positive affirmations.  If you have never received love, Rose Quartz opens your heart so that you become receptive.  If you have loved & lost, it comforts your grief.  Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself, vital if you have thought yourself unlovable.  You cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself.  This would be an excellent tool for anyone who practices the craft.  Or, if you are just a collector of enchanted jewels who would like to benefit from the spells the jewelry holds, then it would be a wonderful item for you.  The piece may (or may not) emit warmth upon first wear.  Do not be alarmed, this sensation will subside as the jewelry fuses with your energies.  It is all white energy and there NO DARKNESS, here.   PRICE: $34.99 (free shipping, domestic)

REDUCED! Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz Ring 925 Blessed New Beginnings Love Success Protection Strength

Published on 13 Sep 2016

ebay13-2548This ring is so glorious….I just love the stone. It is called Golden Hair Rutilatedebay13-2549 Quartz and this stone is over 10 carats, genuine and natural.  The name comes from the gold strands running through the gemstone. The setting is high quality solid sterling silver 925, hallmarked, size 8.  The ring is a gently touched piece has been used within our coven for about 8 months now, used mainly by Sister Lorraine, Sister Sylver, Sister Jillian, and myself, and is a great amulet for blessings to its wearer. The ring has recently been cleansed spiritually with white sage and re-charged under the full ebay13-2550blood moon. The blessings the piece holds for the new wearer are for: GENERAL WELLNESS / GOOD HEALTH, NEW BEGINNINGS, SURROUND WEARER WITH LOVE FROM MANY, SUCCESS IN ALL ENDEAVORS, PROTECTION FROM WOULD BE HARM-DOERS, RICH & FULL LIFE, STRENGTH WHEN NEEDED, SELF APPRECIATION, AND RELIEF FROM STRESS GUILT OR ANGUISH. Price: $31.99 (free usa shipping, free gift)

REDUCED! Spiral Goddess Wooden Recharge & Protection Box for Blessed Jewelry

Published on 27 Jun 2016

ebay13 1681This is another lovely offering from the Sisters of The Lone Starebay13 1683 Coven, and it is one of our most popular items! We have recently held a full moon ceremony in which we smudged this with white sage, cleansing it.  Now, it is ready for their new owner / wearer. This item is really different…beautiful & purposeful!   It’s a Jewelry / Trinket box with so much symbolism!  It is made in India from hand carved sheshamwood, and measures 7″ X 4.5″ X 2.5″.  It has the Spiral Goddess hand carved on the top in exquisite design. The  topside & bottom side is lined at the bottom with a felt ebay13 1682type material.  Jewelry in photo not part of sale. Atop the box, is theebay13 1685 Spiral Goddess of the Universe symbol.  Take a moment to breathe deeply and slowly. The Goddess is within each of us. Listen to your inner wisdom and walk a path that nourishes your spirit. Everytime you celebrate the Goddess, it is an affirmation of your life, the planet, your heritage, and the future. Ancient wisdom and an understanding of female divinity are re-appearing. We, as a sacred people are beginning to remember simplicity, community and sanity. Take that part of yourself that is buried deep inside you, and spiral it into the world. Dare to be who you truly are. Your deepest essence is ebay13 1686humanity and power. You are a spark of light in the Universe, nurture your inner flame of unique brilliance and dare to shine. There is no one else anywhere, exactly like You. There are gifts and skills you have, that are needed in the World, share them…I am the eternal Goddess, All races are my children, All genders are my children, All creatures are my children, All time is my domain , My body is the Earth
Reverence me and mine….. This box is p
erfect for tarot safe keeping, or for placing your enchanted jewels in for re-charging.  The box will be a perfect holding vessel for your enchanted jewelry.  By placing your jewels in overnight you will be recharging the enchantments that are instilled into each piece.  It also has a protective property to it as well…this will permeate to all of the jewels contained herein.  REDUCED Price: $42.99 (free shipping, domestic, free gift)

REDUCED! Seraphinite Pendant 925 Blessed Restore Health Connect With Angel Realm More Physical Energy

Published on 19 May 2016

ebay13 1120What a lovely pendant this is….I LOVE this stone.  It’s not a common gemstone that you see everywhere but the colors / patterns are unmistakable!  The stone here is Seraphinite and this is over 42  carats of it set in SOLID STERLING SILVER 925. It measures 1.65″ in length. The Lone Star Coven has blessed this piece under a full moon ceremony. The blessings of which it holds are ones that correlate to the gem meaning of seraphinite. This stone is especiallyebay13 1119 beautiful with its silvery white shimmering patterns on a sea green background. It’s name is derived from the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order) and this stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm Seraphinite promotes regeneration and self healing. The blessings in this pendant are: RESTORE HEALTH / BALANCE, CONNECTING WITH THE ANGEL REALM, LIVING FROM THE HEART, GREATER PHYSICAL ENERGY & STRENGTH, PSYCHIC AWAKENING, & GREATER ABILITY TO ATTRACT AS WELL AS GIVE LOVE.  Price: $31.99 (free gift, free shipping)

Lapis Ring 925 SZ 8 Blessed Good Things Manifest Brings Riches Law of Attraction Happiness

Published on 19 May 2016

ebay13 848This beautiful ring is being offered by The LONE STAR COVEN.  What an INCREDIBLE COLOR the stone is … it’s made of over 20 carats of Genuine BLUE LAPIS LAZULI, set in solid sterling silver 925. The sizeebay13 849 is an 8, and there are wonderful faint gold flecks in this particular gemstone.  It is a very high quality ring. The coven & I have cleansed and blessed this piece for it’s next wearer to be the beneficiary of all it’s rich blessings. It was also recharged under last months full moon! The blessings infused into this are for: GOOD THINGS MANIFEST, NEW FOUND FORTUNE, HEALING ENERGY, HAPPINESS, BRINGS RICHES, LOVE, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, GREATER ebay13 850OPPORTUNITY IN LIFE, FEELINGS OF CALM & LAW OF ATTRACTION. This would also a useful tool for anyone that practices the craft and needs an energized piece for the purpose of spell casting.  Or, if you are just a collector of haunted jewelry, just know this is a very POWERFUL piece!  It is just GORGEOUS too! This piece is surely of great value, spiritually, and monetarily. Price $36.99  free shipping, free gift)